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2010 is about to be a very busy year for Madonna



Music: Madonna will be back in the studio to start recording the new album in a few months from now. David Guetta is definitely a potential collaborator. He’s already working on some tryouts to shift Madonna. Fernando Garibay (U2, Beck, Sting, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, les Pussycat Dolls, P. Diddy, Will I am…) also revealed he just finished one of his biggest records ever: a dance floor anthem that Madonna could be interested in. French DJ Mehdi and A-Track have also been contacted to work on the album…

Movies: Madonna just finished a script for a film that she will direct next year. Its working title is W.E, and it’s about two love stories intertwined together. One is about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and the other is a fictional story of a woman searching for love.

TV appearances and performances: Madonna is in talk to open the next Grammy Awards ceremony (January 31, 2010) and a few performances planned for the beginning of the New Year!

Fashion: The year will begin with Dolce & Gabbana new collection with Madonna. We’ve seen 3 fantastic pictures, but the upcoming glasses shoot will be a bit racier, almost homage to her vogue era!


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