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25 December - Merry Xmas & Madonna recording studio tidbits



The Mad-Eyes team would like to wish every Madonna fan a great Christmas '09 filled with love and friendship!

Since it's been slow news weeks about Madonna for quite a while, here are some interesting tidbits about Madonna's recording studio past and future by the reliable MadonnaFanzine moderator anna_henstridge:

item.gifThe basis of the Music album outtake "Run" can be streamed on William Orbit's official site in the form of the groovy "Forbidden Planet" instrumental track [his Streamcast includes a lot of released/leaked Madonna songs and instrumentals]. Recently, Orbit has been asked about working again with Madonna, but it is highly unlikely to happen at this point.

item.gifThe original version of Give It 2 Me was apparently a Timbaland produced track, which was favored by Warner. This version more or less had the same lyrics as The Neptunes version we're all familiar with, but it was almost a full duet with Justin Timberlake using an entirely different rhythm and style.

item.gifThe rumour about Madonna teaming up with David Guetta is also true according to anna_henstridge, Madonna is scheduled to hit the recording studio in a few months, she's showing a lot of interest about the Guetta collaboration, so he's definitely a potential producer for her at the moment.


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