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Madge and Kids



MadonnaIt looks like that it won't just be Madonna's daughter Lourdes featuring in her work – 4-year-old son David has revealed a love of the superstar's work.

"" Madonna, 51, told the British morning show GMTV. "He likes my dress that I wear in ‘La Isla [bonita].

Coming after stage-ready Lourdes, 13, joined her mom in the video for Celebration, performing clearly runs in the family. During her recent Sticky & Sweet world tour, Madonna's 9-year-old son with director Guy Ritchie, Rocco joined her on stage.

"When he jumped on stage to dance in my last show, I was shocked actually," she said. "And secretly, unbeknownst to me, they're all studying privately with my dancers. And Rocco comes out and busts out like a moonwalk or you know, some kind of break-dancing move."

Even Rocco! She also revealed to GMTV that Rocco was the last person she expected onstage. "He's always been quite shy so I was shocked when he wanted to be in the show."

Despite their dabbling in showbiz, Madonna said, her children have a healthy view of their charmed life.

"They get great bonuses and perks out of being my children and they know it, and they're very grateful and appreciative for it," she said. "I think they are pretty balanced in terms of how they view fame or celebrity or things like that. I think it took them a while to adjust, but I think they're okay about it."

Source: People.com


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