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Dance floor extravaganza



MadonnaA dance-off between Madonna and Lady Gaga would be one of the more exhilarating events to take place in the world of pop music - and according to Madge herself, it actually went down a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, there's apparently no video available, but Madonna described it to British morning TV show GMTV

"We had a party in New York a couple of weeks ago for my manager," she told host Ben Shepard. "It was for his birthday and Lady Gaga was there and the DJ basically did a sort of a dance-off. The DJ would play one of her songs and then he would play one of mine and we both danced together in the middle and all of my dancers were around us. We just took turns dancing, too. 
I would dance to her song and sing all the words and she did the same to me. It was really fun." 

The dance floor extravaganza wouldn't be the first time the two got together for a little friendly competition. The singers performed in a sketch together on "Saturday Night Live" back in October. They appeared during the "Deep House Dish" segment, a disco-based talk show. The pair could have staged a pop-and-lock throwdown recently, as Gaga was also in the U.K. singing for the Queen. 

From MTV.com.


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