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Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill Mix of



Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill Mix of “Revolver”

Remixer Tracy Young writes about her new mixing project, also involving Madonna’s Revolver. Here’s what she wrote in the newsletter:

“Happy Holidays! I will keep it short and sweet this time. I'm busy with Genesis VII and in the studio. I'm working on several exciting remix projects, some available now, some on the way. Some tunes to look out for are "Pretty Mess" by Erica Jayne, "I Want It All" by Dangerous Muse, "On The Floor" & "Everybody" by Kaylah Marin. One project I'm really so into and thankful for is my mix of Madonna's "Revolver featuring Lil Wayne". It's one of my favorites and hope it will be one of yours.”

1. Revolver Madonna (Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill Mix) 
2. Pretty Mess Erika Jayne (Tracy Young Club Mix) 
3. I Want It All Dangerous Muse (Tracy Young Club Mix) 
4. Bad Romance Lady Gaga 
5. Meet Me Halfway BEP 
6. One Love David Guetta 
7. On The Floor Kaylah Marin (Tracy Young Club Mix) 
8. Yeah Ha Saeed Yohan 
9. Put Your Hands Up Mark Knight 
10. Freak On Chris Moody



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