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Madonna in MUP Magazine December 2009




In the new issue of magazine MUP (Make-Up Professional Magazine), to be published on 1 December, a section is devoted to makeup at Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour and previous events in the artistic career of Madonna since 2002, when Gina Brooke has become a makeup artist to Madonna. We learn how the look of Madonna is now so exciting, but also the price of her false eyelashes diamond which has a known success, met the market ... 

"Looking" eye-conic "to MADONNA 

Always ahead of trend, the pop icon sparkled more than ever this summer on her Sticky & Sweet Tour with a shadow diamond created customized by Gina Brooke, Artistic Director for Shu Uemura. 
Inspired by one of the greatest hits of the singer, "Ray of Light", Gina Brooke, who worked with Madonna since 2002, has turned his eye every night using its eyes on a mixture of dark and white powder pure diamond. "The brilliance and light that projects the look of Madonna captivate audiences and confirm that there are always new opportunities for makeup and no rules," said she. 
On the beautiful eyes of Madonna, Gina applies 906 E. White Shadow from Shu Uemura to create a subtle effect diamond that reflects light beautifully. "As Madonna occurs in giant stadiums, I decided to focus on this effect, punctuating his eyelids real diamonds," says she. 
Gina believes that all women at all ages can wear your iridescent and ethereal like a shadow White ME 906. "Subtle reflections contribute to sublimate the eye and are immediately appear younger. Madonna is always ready to dare new things and I think all women should not fear to do the same to enhance their beauty - the evening as in life everyday, "says Brooke. 
Gina Brooke has worked with Madonna on three international tours (Reinvention 2003 Confessions 2006 Sticky & Sweet 2008-2009), and numerous videos, photo sessions and galas. In 2004 she created with Shu Uemura false eyelashes mink tailored to the singer. In 2006, she pushed the idea further by creating a model for it encrusted with diamonds and mink. 
Given the enthusiasm of clients, Shu Uemura has recreated and sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus at a price of $ 10,000 a pair. " 





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