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Now, on "REAL holidays"... MILES AWAY!



My dear Icon Friends,

If before I was on 'holidays', now I'm on 'real holidays'..!!!!! That's why I was kind of absent from the site and NOW, that I will meet my family, see my mother (!!!) after one year.. of course I will disappear. I bet you understand why..

I'll be absent approximately 2 months or so, I guess I will check the site, but for sure I won't have time for uploads, comments, blogging, etc; not that I don't enjoy it but I really need the time off.

Meanwhile and because I usually upload and participate actively in the site, I guess anyone can do the uploading for me as well hehehe.. it will be much appreciated!!!! It's a fact that I will have to check from time to time what you post, every day I find amazing stuff over here (pics, videos, songs, etc).. that's why for sure I wouldn't want to miss it.

Hope you have amazing end of the year.. and you receive the New Year with lots of hope and love, always surrounded by those you love!

I'll miss you ALL!!!!!! you are amazing guys..!!!!!




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