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Madonna helps Brazilian kids



Live from BrazilMadonna has secured a $7 million donation from Brazil's richest man to help set up a children's charity in the South American country. 
She met with wealthy business people and politicians during her recent five-day trip to the South American country and managed to secure donations for Success for Kids from Brazil's richest man, Eike Batista

Madonna was invited to the father-of-two's estate on the island of Angra Dos Reis on Saturday to discuss the project after Batista agreed to fund a large proportion of her latest charitable venture. 
During dinner, Batista - who has an estimated $7.5 billion fortune - offered to give Madonna $7 million after asking how much more she needed to set up her charity's initial projects, leaving the pop superstar in tears. 

At the meal, Madonna declared her love for the country, saying: "I worship Brazil." 

This new report partly corrects the news from the AFP which reported that Madonna was raising money for her Malawi charity, while it appears that donations will be destined to a new project based in Brazil. 

From Contactmusic.


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