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written by Madonna

Track 4, Time: 3:55


Gambler, gambler




I'm a gambler, and I will take you by surprise

Gambler, I'll aim this straight between your eyes

Gambler, yeah I know all the words to say

'Cause I'm a gambler, I only play the game my way, yeah


Don't want to say this but I think that I should

I'm better off forgotten if you think that I'd be good

One day you see me the next day I'm gone

Don't fight me baby I don't want to hold on

I'm a gambler, a gambler


You're not happy with the way I act

You better turn around boy, don't look back

You're getting angry, you know I can see

You're just jealous 'cause you can't be me






You can't stop me now

'Cause I'm right and I'm making advances

Let me show you how

Tonight, I'll be taking my chances

On you, on you, on you, on you, that's right baby


I'm a gambler, gambler

You understand what I'm talking about?





I'm a gambler, a gambler

Gambler, 'cause I'm a gambler


You can't stop me now

I'm on the road baby I know how

You can't stop me now

Oh no


You can't stop me now (repeat 3 times)


'Cause I'm a gambler, yeah I'm a gambler

That's right baby


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