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Yeast infection treatment



Yeast infections are from the Candida family and according to wikipedia, the online reference guide and dictionary, yeast infections are also known under several different guises. The yeast infection itself is caused by an organism called Candida albicans it comes under the umbrella of "Candidiasis" they can also sometimes known as thrush, "Moniliasis," "Oidiomycosis" or "Candidosis." In Layman’s language it is basically a fungal infection that can affect many different parts of the body.
These infections can be either superficial in nature or they can be potentially life threatening. Some of the more well known types of infection are:
•    oral 
•    vaginal 
•    systemic
It is often epitomized by itching, redness and discomfort and it can be highly visible. Many infections are easily treatable. Vaginal yeast infections are very common in woman and despite a popular misconception, men can also suffer from yeast infections, perhaps most typically of the genital area.
Yeast Infection Facts
Here are some yeast infection facts. Now, do keep in mind that depending on which expert you talk to, the "facts" seem to change a little. However, as facts go, the ones listed below should be as acurate as they come, but look at them as a guideline rather than concrete information because we have checked some of the top resources online and off for information, and not even they agree 100% on the facts.
•    It is thought that 75% of women are likely to have at least one yeast infection during there life.
•    Experts estimate that fungi and yeast infections are present in 85% Americans.
•    American women spend well over half a billion dollars a year on trying to treat the problem.
•    Yeast and fungi infections go largely undiagnosed, this is especially the case in men and children.
•    You should not douche because this can throw off the natural and normal balance of of bacteria in the vagina.
•    In America, Vaginal yeast infections are reported to be the second most common reason that women get a discharge in ther vaginal area. (The first reason is bacterial vaginosis)
•    Most men that suffer from yeast infection usually start off by having digestive problems but later in life it can progress to be prostate problems.
•    Yeast infection during pregnancy is reasonably common.
Now you hopefully understand a little more about these very common infections you might want visit our Yeast infection treatment page for more information on how to rid yourself of the problem for good.


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