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MLM Leads Are Not Always Purchased: Finally A Lead Company Tells The Truth



The Best MLM Leads Are Not Always Purchased: Finally A Lead Company Tells The Truth The truth is that the best MLM Leads are not always sold to you from a lead vendor. No matter how good that lead vendor is! In my last article I talked about using powerful copy to get through to the dream lead that is interested in your opportunity and practically generates itself through your sales page. This time I want to get into the fundamentals of good copy, the copy that you will use 24/7 to draw in additional leads without having to work for them! And in this case you won’t have to buy MLM leads. When creating your lead generating sales page, it’s important to remember that speaking to someone on the internet is different than talking to someone in other mediums. When you see an ad on TV, in the newspaper or on the radio –the ad is a break or an interruption from another task that view has chosen to take part it, like reading an article. The internet is a whole different story! You get to most pages through a link that you’ve saved, or through a search on the net, meaning that you have sought out the information you’ve reached. This fact is crucial to remember when you’re writing for your visitor – they have come to you through their actions! Why is this so important? As soon as your visitor lands on your page they’re going to be asking themselves one question – Is this the right place to find what I’m looking for? Can I complete my task here? Think about it – this is like walking into a corner store looking for light bulbs – you look around the shop and think – “hmmm, can I get what I’m looking for here?” THIS is the time to tell them YES! with your headline. You’re headline should cause the reaction “YES! This is exactly what I need!” If your headline does not product this response, then your visitor is gone. The best part about having a great sales page written is that you can send your Peak leads and any prospects that you come across to view it. We all know that some folks are better than others at having a phone conversation – some people simply are not comfortable on the phone or don’t want to open themselves up to future calls until they know what it is that you’re promoting, a great sales page lets you sell them without speaking to them on the phone. That being said there are other tricks to think about aside from the headline. Another key factor is focus! Your sales page, the headline, images, layout should all serve one function, directing the visitor to action – the action that you are specifically hoping for is to fill out their name, email and number. Start with a fantastic headline that reassures the visitor “Yes! This is where I want to be” and end with a bang as well. Use a movie or a song as an example! Start out strong to gain attention and finish with your best material – give it a blockbuster headline and a show stopping finish. With these tools and considerations under your belt, take a look at the material that you have. Examine it critically – does it follow these rules of good copy? If not, you may not have to pitch it all out, but think about how you can really make it shine and rise above all that other MLM copy out there! MLM Leads


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