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Russian Girls - Are they for real or just scammers?



Russian Girls - Are they for real or just scammers? This is probably the single most important question that men face when searching for Russian girls to marry from abroad. You might be surprised by this question, as it almost seems like a silly question to ask... that is, until you've been scammed. And by then, you will begin to understand that this question is not so silly after all, but rather should be addressed in a serious manner. So what exactly are Russian girls scams? Well, it rather goes like this: You join a site with lots of pretty Russian girls. You begin writing to them and some take a very serious interest in you. They seem lovely, they offer you more photos of themselves that are dazzling. You are mesmerized by their beauty and are excited that these beautiful Russian women are interested in you. You write back and forth for 2 weeks, never missing a day, sometimes sending 3-4 emails a day to different Russian girls. Suddenly, one of them is convinced that you are the one! She doesn't waste any time by telling you that she is in love with you and how she can't wait to come to America and be with you, to start a family, etc. After glowing in your chair feeling pretty good, you immediately write her back, trying to think of the words to say. You stay up all night long, spilling your guts to her, telling her how you have never felt this way before either... that you've been hurt before yet are willing to take a chance. You finally hit the send button and await for a response. It's now 7 days later -- finally, her email comes. Upon reading it, you discover that something tragic has happened to one of her family members. Perhaps her sister got into a car accident or her mother had to be rushed to the hospital? She apologizes to you for not writing back sooner, but this tragedy is very important. She ends it by saying there is not enough money to pay for the important surgery needed to save her sister's life, and how they do not make enough money because Russia is a very poor country. She now needs $800 for the surgery. She is so sad and asks for some time alone as she thinks of ways to get the money needed. She ends the email with, "You are the kindest man I know. Thank you for loving me." You are shell shocked. You make $36K a year and coming up with $800 is tight, but no problem because you have this money saved. You want to come to the rescue because that's what men love to do. So you write to her, telling her that you will give her the money and you only need her information from western union. She writes you back, she is happy and grateful and gives you her information. She also gives you her cell phone number in case you need it, but explains not to call it unless it's an emergency, as she will be billed for the long distance charges. You agree not to call her and wire the money. She continues to write to you for a few more days after, telling you her sister is okay and everything went well. And then -- *POOF* -- she's gone. No more emails from her. You call her cell phone number and you realize it doesn't work. Congratulations... you've just been scammed out of $800. And the oddity is this -- she never even existed, as a majority of scammers are actually men and companies who hire people POSING AS WOMEN to do these things. So learn from this... NEVER GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW!! Russian Girls


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