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To Paula



To Paula


It was year 2005, Full Moon of May, WESAK?

The Moon was drilling the air, sparkling my being and feeding my curiosity.

You came as a Divine butterfly landed on my shoulder

If only I knew this little butterfly will lighten my path to self exploration

I looked at you and I saw perfection

Perfection in colors and forms and geometry

We didn’t know why we met; it was a secret

Secret which you discover later and feel blessed to rip the illusions around it

It is year 2007, Full Moon of April, WESAK

I still have that little butterfly on my shoulder

She glows and brightens my days and nights without expectations

Because she knows…we met for a reason

Reason long planned and wrapped in beauty

Reason, coming along to and through our existence

Reason without expectations…


4th May, 2007



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