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Let it go



Let it go


In the darkness of the Moon eclipse

I saw Light streaming down.

It was sparkling and blinding my weak eyes.

Suddenly the Light focused upon me.

I saw something.

Was it you?

-“Yes, it is me”- the Light answered

-“I came here to thank you”

-“Thank me for what?” - I replied

-“You have given me so much”-I wanted to say,

 Then I realized it will turn up in endless conversation.

I looked down and tears rolled down my sides

“Hey”- said the Light

“Please let me go. I only came here to thank you.

 I have more work to do, I hope you too.

My spark is a gift to you.

Now you have to spark the rest.”- said the Light and dispelled in the darkness.

I sat down for a moment and though I was dreaming.

“Was I dreaming or I am still asleep?”

-“You always ask yourself these questions”- replied the Darkness

-“Please let me go too”…


04th March 2007



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