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Hello Jump Fans!



This is just a heads up that I have finalized the details of a production of my own Video version of one the tracks of Jump released on the remix EP...

I am shooting, editing and uploading the version to Icon Madonna and it will only be found HERE!

As this is a Video for you to Enjoy as well a token of Adoration to the Queen of POP who has been a inspiration to my expression in Dance for over 20 years!!!

Please understand all the moves are self developed with Madonna's Music leading my feet to where they should go.

I am very proud to say I would have never thought of doing this 6 months ago as a recent correction in Diet has promoted me to drop from 220 to 175 without any starvation - in fact I eat when ever I get a chance to put something in my mouth!

All my dance moves

have been developed my watching videos and innovating my own original moves.

My style of dance is a mixture aerobics and disco for the most part with moves that I feel captures the unadulterated energy of Madonna's Music!.

Well I better go set up the lighting for this exhibition - and yes, it will be RATED "IM" for all ICON MADONNA Viewers!

I will also be uploading this very RARE MADONNA WALLPAPER soon as well.

Sorry for the Delay - I had one Elopement, Wedding and Corporate Health Photography Sessions this Weekend.

Stay Tune....



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