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I see myself in Lady Gaga : Madonna



Queen of Pop' Madonna sees her own reflection in 'Pokerface' singer Lady Gaga because she has the 'It' factor.

The 51-year-old pop icon was impressed by the singer, who is a self-confessed Madonna fan, even though she was still refining her act, reported Rolling Stones magazine.

"When I saw her, she didn't have a lot of money for her production. She had holes in her fishnets, and there were mistakes everywhere. It was kind of a mess, but I can see that she has that 'IT Factor'. It's nice to see that at a raw stage," Madonna said.

"I see myself in Lady Gaga," she added. Lady Gaga recently revealed that she was thrilled when Madonna attended one of her concerts in New York.

The pop star - real name Stefani Germanotta - said: "My sister texted me and she was like, 'Madonna is 15 feet away from me. And there are two guys making out in the audience. I just remember thinking, 'Wow, this is exactly what I wanted. I've got Madonna and I've got gays making out!'," she said.


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