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Dark Night



Dark Night


The Darkness is what scares me the most

It makes me suffer, cry and feel alone

The Ego is what shatters me the most

It sneaks and bites my bleeding wounds

I felt alone in the Darkness, begging to die

I sat alone in the Darkness, praying for help

I called the Angels, my Master and Soul

I asked Them to take me away and never come back again

All I felt was pain, suffer and cold

I guess we all have our moments

Life is full of choices

It is up to you weather to choose to die and dispel in the Darkness

Or stay alive and connect to the Light

Darkness is absence of Light

It does exist; do not fool yourself it doesn’t

What matter is your choice

Will you choose to die or live?

I’ve chosen to live

I hope, one day, you will do too





30 July 2007




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