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Substitute for Love...



After a 15 hour day Wedding I made the decision to make the three hour drive home.

For the entire trip I listen to one track and only one track.

Drowned World / Substitute for Love.

By all means I would really like to see Madonna's birth chart! Does any one know her exact time of birth and place?

I do read Astrological charts and I already know that Madonna is Sun in Leo with a Virgo Rising however what sign is her Moon?

For all my life she pierces my soul with her words like no other!

Today was the Canadian Thanksgiving and I treated myself to the Deluxe Celebration Album with the videos!

What a great deal from iTunes and Madonna! Many Thanks "My Lady M!"

I have decided that my primary iPhone with hold nothing but Madonna as I have decided to learn how to sing all of her music.

I became very self aware which lead to stage fright due to the pressure i felt from my mother that she wanted me to be some great vocalist.

However last Saturday night I sang at the top of the World on the Ice Field Parkway at the top of my lungs with tears streaming down my face like never before as I played Substitute for Love over and over and over - as many times you can hear it 3 hours!

I gave up in Music in High School, from the simple fear of how I would be picked on or laughed at so I submerged myself in visual and more solitary arts to find my own level of fame.

The level of success I live with now is due to how many times I have traded recognition and fame for love. 

I like Madonna am a Control Freak - I need to feel that every detail is under my finger of care for perfection.

The Question is always there "what really is love?" 

When my heart belongs to someone else there is no control, there is no stability that us Leos truly desire.

We want lovers that are as reliable as our own focused passion!

Our creative juices surge with joy when we are on stage in full control sharing our truest blue to our adored fans!

This is our "Substitute for Love" because even though we are unselfishly giving our hearts to our fans we are still at such a level of control that are hearts remain out of harms way behind our many walls that create our fortress of protection for our very sensitive and romantic hearts.

I hear your message my Lady M! I have also changed my mind as I can not decide on one to share my love with I must share my greatest passions with my fans - the many Brides that book me each year to build the best photographic memories of their Wedding day while I find inspiration listening to a woman's voice that never leaves my memory! 

Like all Leos I take pride and pleasure with the task at hand!

Take Care our Queen as we cherish your heart and find great emotional security with the message it delivers!

Warmest of Regards,


Leo Sun with a Gemini Rising, and Moon in Pisces! 

















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