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The Ageless Wisdom-discovering the Truth



The Ageless Wisdom-discovering the Truth




 From ancient times spiritual teaching known as the Ageless Wisdom has been handed down from generation to generation. It contains within itself an explanation of the evolution and nature of man’s consciousness; it describes how the Universe came to existence, how it operates and man’s purpose, place and function within it.


Wisdom is the ability gained through experience and illumination to describe the truth.

Wisdom is considered to be developed but not taught.  By describing the truth I refer to something which has always been within humanity and has been a light house on its path to return to the Source.


We often read or speak about healing, meditations and teachings; we often read about different Masters, but what links them is the essence of the laws of the Universe which stays the same.

In various texts we read about Humanity and its growth and development. The time has come when more information has been revealed and made available to lift the restless human from his illusions of the Truth of his existence.

Often we wonder where this information comes from. We ask ourselves where all the Truth is kept and made available for the next cycle of incarnation.

Over centuries the teachings have been misinterpreted and used for separate benefits. However there have always been a group of disciples who work to bring down that “lost” truth back to humanity.

It hasn’t been lost actually; it has been always here, what was/is lost is that contact of the human to his Divine inheritance.


It is difficult to describe the Truth as the idea manifests itself differently within every person’s understandings; but the words are not the Truth; the meaning of the words is the Truth. The student can access the Truth via meditation and inner work.


In order to understand this better and bring it to more common terms the Ageless Wisdom has been made available through various works.

Many of us are familiar with Madame Blavatsky and her significant writings “The Secret Doctrine”, the works of Alice A. Bailey and the works of Lucille Cedercrans:-

three Teachers, all Masters of meditation, working to bring back to Humanity what has been lost for thousands of years.

Their works are related to the Ageless Wisdom and are focused on the Universal Laws which constitute the existence and the evolution of consciousness in man. Their works had their purpose, place and function in the times when they were made available to Humanity in the last two centuries.


Lucille’s works are known as a new presentation of the Truth or “The New Thought Form Presentation of The Wisdom”.

A thought form means something which is abstract in its origin and hasn’t been expressed in words thus The New Thought Form Presentation of The Wisdom. 



This New Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom is new. You will notice that I have not said that the concept of the soul is new, or that the path of initiation is new, or that the Wisdom is new, but that this presentation, this Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom is entirely new. And it creates within the occult world a precedent. The method by which this Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom is endeavoring to make itself felt within the body of humanity is new.

(Excerpt from Applied Wisdom, by Lucille Cedercrans)


Lucille’s works are often described as textbooks or manuals of instructions where the student needs to perform the inner work to experience the Universal Truths.


As I stated before the words alone are not the Truth. The importance is in the meaning they convey and the illumination gained through the experience and application of that Truth in daily life and affairs.

Lucille described the process by which her material was written in the following extract from “Applied Wisdom”:


“Well, in the first place, Masters don’t write the lesson material. I write it. They don’t determine the words that will be used. I determine the words that will be used. They have taken those principles of truth which are incorporated in the lesson material and placed them, put them into abstract thought-forms. Now these abstractions are above the level of words, they are above the frequency of pictures. They are in the frequency of meaning itself…”



  Lucille Cedercrans



Throughout the ages, we have been given hints and directions about how to access the Truth in order to help Humanity with its next stage of development – this information takes two forms:


The physical form:  of teachings and writings (including the ones of Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans),


The esoteric form: commonly known as the ‘Ashram of Synthesis’. Created by the highly evolved spiritual beings -  Master Morya, Master Djwhal Khul and Master Racozcy; the ‘Ashram of Synthesis’ can be contacted through personal-development practices, such as meditation, and exists to assist the student in their further growth and understanding of the Wisdom. The ‘Ashram of Synthesis’ consists of a certain three (of the seven) types (also known as the Seven Rays) of Universal energy, which each have different characteristics and purposes.


Rather than having the information channelled to her by a Master, the ‘New Thought Form Presentation of The Wisdom’, presented by Lucille Cedercrans, is derived from her interpretations of her meditations and contact with the ‘Ashram of Synthesis’.



Master Morya, Master Djwhal Khul and Master Rakoczy



"In recognition of, and cooperation with this activity of the Soul, a New Thought-Form Presentation of The Wisdom has been created and placed in availability for those who seek it. It can be contacted as an abstraction via the activity of meditation, and must then be translated into a concrete form by the one who meditates.

This series of instructions is an interpretation of that new thought-form and has been written in an effort to aid man in the search for his Soul.

For those who seek authority behind the written word, the truth of this text must be proven via its application. A formulated concept is of value only if it can be worked out as a living truth within the life and affairs of Humanity. Therefore do not look to the source of this teaching for its authenticity, but to the application of it within your own life and affairs."

“The Nature of The Soul”, p. 3 – 4, Lucille Cedercrans

(http://www.wisdomimpressions.com/index.html  )


Lucille’s work is an entirely new presentation of the Ageless Wisdom designed to help to shift man’s consciousness for the new impending era.


In the past, Humanity has had leaders with teachings and wisdom to follow. The devotees following these teachings grew in their understanding of creation and could subsequently expand their consciousness: progressing through the stages of spiritual initiation. As we can see now, not only the way the Wisdom is presented has changed, but also the path to Spiritual Initiation. On the Old Path, separate individuals went through different initiations and gained access to the Truth. Now what is being taught is that of Group Initiation where the individual no longer needs to blindly and devotedly follow one leader. Studying and meditating within a supportive group structure (regardless of the inevitable varying levels of ability and understanding) helps the modern day devotee to increase their awareness.


Through the work of these groups, the awareness levels of modern day Humanity is finally expanding. We are entering the time when our souls will become known to us, no longer the preserve of monks and gurus, this new level of consciousness will permeate the lives of everybody.


We are standing in front of the door to the next age, ready to enter with new understanding of our levels of being. Whether you go through the door, or not, is entirely up to you, and always has been. The magic is there, waiting to be discovered.



Angel Tserovski

February 2007




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