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Spanish eyes



style="color: #ff99cc;"

I know for sure his heart is here with me

Though I wish him back, I know he cannot see

My hands trembling, I know he hears me sing




I light this candle and watch it throw

Tears on my pillow

And if there is a Christ, he'll come tonight

To pray for Spanish eyes

And if I have nothing left to show

Tears on my pillow

What kind of life is this if God exists

Then help me pray for Spanish eyes


He had to fight like all the rest

In the barrio all the streets are paved with fear

I don't understand; at least he was a man






How many lives will they have to take?

How much heartache?

How many suns will they have to burn?

Spanish eyes

When will they ever learn?


You were not the Maravilla in our minds

We were proud to fight but we cannot win this blind

Stand your guns against the wall

Who's next in line to fall





Tus lagrimas de tristeza

No me dejan olvidarte




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