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Madonna to wed Jesus!



Madonna has revealed she wants to marry her toyboy model lover, Jesus Luz.

The 51-year-old let her plans slip at the MTV Video Music Awards rehearsals.

'It can go either way,' she said. 'But why not? I could definitely see myself marrying him. Yes, it's definitely on the table.'

And, despite being married twice before, the singer is said to want yet another lavish ceremony.

She knows that's what Jesus wants,' said one of her relatives.


'It can go either way,' she said. 'But why not? I could definitely see myself marrying him. Yes, it's definitely on the table

'And so that makes her want it too. She has a lot of wonderful memories of both of her weddings.

She doesn't want to slip off and do it quietly.

She definitely wants a big and rather fantastic affair.'

According to friends, their 'scorching hot' sex life and fears of mortality sparked by Michael Jackson's death have caused the pair to consider marriage.

'To be candid, it's what's driving things,' an insider told Hello! magazine.

'And after what she saw happen to Michael Jackson she doesn't want to waste any time. She wants to live life to the full.'

The singer, who yesterday knocked Muse from the No.1 spot with her album Celebration, admitted she began to feel uneasy about her relationship with 23-year-old Luz when she saw it was more than just a fling.

'When she realised she was starting to have feelings for him, she started to become self-conscious about the relationship,' a friend said.

'I don't want my family to think I'm having a mid-life crisis,' she reportedly told a pal. 'And my friends, too. I don't want people to think I have lost my mind.

The biggest step for me has been letting go of what people think about me and Jesus as a couple. That's been the challenge,' Madonna added.


OMG!what do you think about it???????????????????

well,if this happens i only wish he WON'T hurt her...!!I always want her to be happy but NOT heartbroken...!!

anyways,i wish her happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i also wish we were invited to her ''upcoming''wedding too!lol...)


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