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Dealing with Celebration posters



I first spotted a Celebration poster Monday, near the store where I bought the album. I was ok, hence I just bought the album.

I then spotted a poster om my way to the university. I was sad, because I didn't have time to listen to the album before class. I had opened it though, to get high on a dose of "new album smell" to deal with 4 hours of theories on relations. aRb is a is on the same album as b. This is as a matter of fact an equilence relation.

Tuesday I spotted a poster biking to my boyfriend's. I felt quite powerful, knowing I technically could abuse his love for me and make him help me steal the poster. I didn't, I still have a little bit of dignity left.

Wednesday I spotted a poster when I was on my way to a meeting. The place is always crowded with people sitting at bars and cafés and at night, it is frequently watched by the cops, because of a bunch of young troublemakers. I felt stupid for wanting to steal the poster.

Thursday I spotted a poster near to my parents house. I felt intelligent for thinking, that it just wouldn't be a good idea.

Today I'm trying to read for not one, but two, important test while dealing with the fact that there isn't a huge Celebration poster on my wall. I'm feeling a bit insane.

Would this insanity save me from a ticket, if I smashed one of those posterstands and took the poster inside??



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