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www.aypearl.com supplies wholesale fashion Amazon stone jewelry with coupon code AY3396




Amazon stone has obvious characteristics. It has a lattice of green and white color and flash. The feature is due to its unique double-crystal structure. This is the fundamental difference between Amazon stone and jade.


Amazon stone is a gemstone variety of green microcline, a feldspar mineral. Frequently confused with jade, Amazon stone varies in color from yellow-green to blue-green and may also exhibit fine white streaks.


The Pikes Peak district of Colorado, U.S., became the most important source of Amazon stone after 1876; when samples were unveiled at the Centennial Exhibition, their impressive purity and size eventually forced competing Russian mineral dealers out of business such as wholesale jewelry.


Amazon stone mainly found in Brazil, United States, Canada and china jewelry.


This stone can be used to be jewelry and sculpture. It occurs in pure blue, emerald green with bright texture and fine transparency. The emerald green cheap Amazon stone can be used as the substitute of jade. It is known as a kind of fashion jewelry items.


Amazon stone help people drive out negative energy, and keep optimistic. It prevents its wearers from giving up, self-torture, or suicide. It also assists people to make decision and promote enterprise to achieve the goals. So to wear the handmade jewelry such as amazon stone items are good for the body.




About Aypearl.com


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Contact Information:


Company: Ayong Culture Development Co.,Ltd.

Website: http://www.aypearl.com

Phone: 86-10-67126356

Fax: 86-10-67125318

Address: Room1005,Unit2,LingHangGuoJi Building3,NanXiaoJie,GuangQuMen,Chongwen District,Beijing, China

Zip Code: 100061


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