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Madonna should have been cast as the lead Lea in Stephen Frears' film Cheri



I just saw the film Cheri by Stephen Frears which was absolutely ravishing.  Though I am a huge fan of Michelle Pfeiffer and how she imbued the heroine with elegance, intelligence, beauty, and passion-I could not help but think how amazing Her Madgesty would have been in the title role. Every scene seemed to cry out for our Queen whom I believe was destined for this part!! Of course, I am in major Madonna withdrawal since I was not able to make it to any of her European Sticky and Sweet concerts this summer since I got married this June, started Ultrasound school, and bought a house!! It would be wonderful to see the Queen of the Dancefloor on the Big Screen again where she belongs (though she is brilliant as a producer & director as she showed us all with her recent H&M collection, Filth and Wisdom, and I Am Because We Are). Please let me know, fellow iconers, what you think about this post!! xoxo, Sree



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