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Madonna Talks: Oldies Are Goodies



  Madonna Talks: Oldies Are Goodies
First LookHere are more excerpts from the new Madonna interview with Larry Flick.

This is the part where Larry asks Madonna to have a look back at her career, and talk about her relationship with her older songs.


LF: Celebration is about to come out. This is your third greatest hits album, but you're not the look-back girl, are you?


M: No.


LF: So, does it feel weird that everyone's so excited about revisiting your old songs?


M: No, I'm not thinking that way. I'm happy that people want to hear my old songs. I've written some good songs!  


LF: Do you ever listen to them, yourself?


M: I try not to (laughs). Actually, sometimes, I do. But the thing is that I'm on tour right now, and I'm doing some of those old songs. Inevitably, I'm going to be sicker of the songs that I'm singing every night. It's nice to revisit songs that I haven't heard for a while, and I think, “Yeah that was a good song. I like that.”  


LF: What song are you feeling really good about right now?


M: That is old?


LF: Yeah.


M: I like “Beautiful Stranger.” That's a good one.


LF: Are there are any song that you don't want to celebrate?


M: No. They are all a part of me, and an aspect of me, or a pivotal moment for me, even if they're not necessarily pivotal in a big, public way for me. I can certainly pinpoint what was going on in my life at that time. They are sign-posts.


LF: Is there one song of yours that you think is perfect?


M: I certainly have songs that I feel resonate more and speak truthfully more about me than others. Like “Don't Tell Me.” Or “Like It Or Not.” Also, “Live To Tell” would be one too.


LF: Do you ever stop and think, “I sure got a lot done”?


M: (Laughing) Sometimes. That would require free time!



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