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Madonna Talks: Not the sit-around girl





news_article_01.gif Madonna Talks: Not the sit-around girl
First LookIn another excerpt from the new Madonna interview with Larry Flick, the Queen of Pop talks about writing songs. listening to music, and clubbing.


LF: You're not the sit-around girl, either, are you?


M: No, not much. Not with kids and a job. Every once in a while, I have a moment of reflection. It's usually because I'm forced to look back at it from somebody else's point of you… or if someone does a retrospective of my career. Then I go, "I did all that?" It's usually someone else reminding me.


LF: You  have a knack of writing songs that are pointed and political, but also for writing songs that are carefree and fun. Which do you think hit people stronger?


M: People who are more politically aware and want to be inspired like songs like "American Life," and people who just want to have a good time will like my more let's-have-fun kind of music. I think people are in different moods at different times. I'm in different moods at different times.


LF: What kind of music are you listening to a lot these days?


M: I'm listening to a lot of electronic music.


LF: Do you still like going clubbing?


M: Yes, but I certainly don't go clubbing when I'm on tour, because it's not really good for me. You can't talk loud after shows and stuff in smokey nightclubs.




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