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(Madonna test)How many references did you count?



So what's you excuse this time for not showing up at gym this morning? Was it the fear of rain on your fingertips? Or perhaps its Human Nature to be lazy? You Promised to Try getting there, to Express Yourself, but you must like Praying to Jesus instead, or did you have a Fever? I think I know, you are getting Deeper and Deeper under a pile of homework???? Or did you fly to Buenos Aires and Cry for Argentina? Did Madonna Dress You Up in her love? Do you need someone to Rescue you, and Justify there love? Why's it so hard to love? Well I must go, WAITING for your reply, hopefully it will be In this Lifetime. Well I must Take a Bow, i have told you my Secrets, Keep it together and cherish the thought, don't Open your Heart unless you have the key, I bet you papa has already preached this, i really need a holiday on another nation, geez I have written a lot of WORDS, you'll see if you give me one more chance I'll be able to write another email about what used to be my playground, do you remeber, I'll remember when those spanish eyes, which look erotic, were true blue. Well till death do us part hahahahahha. Can you please count how many songs are in this? I can't be bothered, my brain has fried thinking of this interesting email.., Why don't you be imaginative as well????Do you know where the Party is? I hope there's a virgin, and she puts a condom on my willy because that's silly, if she doesn't, well if you come I'm sure everyone will get Into the Groove and Cause a Commotion, shit Who's that girl? Oh, sorry it's just my Lucky Star on the Borderline between La Isla Bonita and Barcelona Spain, I better stop now, or else i will keep going until you say bye bye baby, shit here I go again.


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