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+Details: Sticky and Sweet Tour in CityVibe



Hi! I have more details for the CityVibe presentation of The Sticky and Sweet Tour! Enjoy!

Sweet detailsMadonna CityVibe Wallpaper for fans living in Mexico City and who have Cablevision (or will be having, hurry! because if you're not lucky they take up to 2 weeks or more to install).

The launch will be on Saturday 19th 2009 in channel 652 Vibe at 07:30PM (7:30-9:40pm)


Saturday 19th - 09:30PM-11:40PM > VibeW 653

Sunday 20th - 01:35AM-03:45AM > Vibe 652

Sunday 20th - 03:35AM-5:45AM > VibeW 653

Sunday 20th - 06:00PM-08:05PM > Vibe 652

Sunday 20th - 08:00PM-10:05PM > VibeW 653

More Reruns Coming Soon

CityVibe is also available in Mexico through: Dish (Satellite), Sky (Satellite), Megacable (Cable)  

Also available in South America!!! So check your local provider!

How to get Cablevision? Check: www.cablevision.net.mx (My Personal Recommendation)

www.dish.com.mx www.sky.com.mx www.megacable.com.mx

Find out about more providers through www.movie-city.com   www.paquetemoviecity.tv


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