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Lola being Like a Virgin



Lola Like a VirginLike a Virgin

I was checking http://www.mad-eyes.net/ (a fav most see) and read this news:

07 September - Lourdes recreates her mother's famous Like A Virgin pose
  Trussed up in white wedding dress and veil, Madonna's daughter Lourdes recreates her mother's famous wedding dress pose in the Eighties hit song Like A Virgin. The 12-year-old wears lashings of red lipstick and has the iconic beauty spot painted above her lip. It is taken from what is believed to be a second version of Madge's Celebration video, which will include fans dancing to the song, to be released next week.
Lourdes's pose channels Madonna's famous performance at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), where she sang the song while sat on top of a giant wedding cake in full marital regalia. It's not the first time Lourdes taken part in a rendition of Like A Virgin. In 2003, aged just six, she played a flower girl in the raunchy performance which saw Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera join Madonna on stage for the song at the MTV VMAs.
Last week the pre-teen joined her mother on stage, on the penultimate night of her Sticky & Sweet world tour in Israel. Lourdes came on stage as Madonna sang Give It 2 Me, and is likely to appear again tonight on the final night of the tour. (source: Daily Mail)

What do you think?

I think Lola looks great and whatever she does in her life, she'll be blessed having the mother she has. Nice to see her following her mom's steps. (I'm not saying that she should be as her mother!)  


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