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Capricorn September 209



Capricorn Forecast for September 2009


By Susan Miller



You are known to be the staunch realist of the zodiac, so you'll likely come through September in far better shape than the other signs. With planets squaring off into difficult patterns, you will have to cut through the clutter and deal with what "is" rather than what you had hoped would "be" someday. If this month had a message, it would be to deal with reality and to banish fantasy. Any situation that has a weak link will reveal itself now and require a disciplined, pragmatic approach, and this will be especially apparent after the new moon, September 18.


The parts of your chart that will be most accented will be your third and ninth houses, ruling your attitudes and perceptions. Planets in these houses will begin to apply pressure, and as a result, you may view a relationship or event differently than you had in the past. Facts will make it clear that you can't hang on to outdated notions. We all are influenced by old attitudes and inertia to some degree, but this month certain facts that come to light may be too dramatic to ignore and may explain your sudden shift to a new stance.


Mercury will be retrograde this month, so you may find that travel will bring delays. Still, you seem to need the refreshing stimulation that a trip will bring, so there is no need to stay home in the first half of the month when things will still be relatively calm. I would not suggest you travel in the second half of September.


If you do travel, take precautions. Mark your luggage carefully, and call the people you hope to see before you go to be sure those people can still see you - especially if you travel for business - for this month schedules will slip and slide. Be sure to have the proper addresses and maps. If you plan to drive, make sure you have your car looked at by a mechanic before you get on the road. If you fly, sign up for regular airline alerts so that you will know in advance if your fight will be delayed.


This month, miscommunications could cause real problems, so make a concerted effort to be understood. If you are in important talks, keep summarizing what you think the other person has said to you, to be sure you have picked up the right message. No one would ever fault you for doing that. If you have to sign a contract, however, wait until October to do that, for this month will be too messy and too filled with adverse aspects to give a new venture a solid start.


One of your happiest days of the month will come as a short sojourn over the long weekend that will follow the full moon of September 4. In the United States, this will mark the beginning of the three-day Labor Day weekend, a time that many head out of town.


You will be one of the signs most blessed for a fun time on the road, no matter where you live. Of course, you don't have to be in the USA! Mars will be sweetly angled to this full moon, so you should have lots of energy and perhaps be in the mood to so some sports, such as to swim, water ski (the full moon in Pisces denotes fun on the water), or to hike, do rock climbing, or play tennis or squash.


You may need to go away again, later in the month, but if so, you seem to have business to conduct, for family or career. Travel will not be as easy in the second half, so if you can go earlier, do.


If you work in an international arena, you may need to iron out the details of a complicated agreement that you are trying to forge. The points under the microscope may be points that you or the other side have left for last because you both feel that those are the thorniest ones to bring to accord. Here's your chance to thoroughly air your point of view and listen to the other party's thinking as well. Go slowly. Plan to sign your papers in October, not in September.


Your toughest week will be the eight days that follow September 15. Everyone, of every sign, will be in the same boat, for within a very short time, the universe will send every possible challenge it can throw at us. Let's have a look.


September 15 brings the third time Saturn, your ruling planet, will be under duress by an opposition from Uranus. This does not happen frequently - the last time was back in 1965 to 1967, so aspects this rare tend to be noticeable.


Saturn rules established order and tradition, while Uranus rules innovation, rebellion, and sudden change. Uranus will win, for Uranus is the slower moving planet. Since Saturn is your ruler, Saturn will represent your point of view, but because experimental Uranus will be poking at you, you will have to brace for at least one instance where you will be challenged to update your approach to a close relationship or project in your life. Something you've been doing is clearly not working anymore and needs a fresh, courageous approach.


This theme of needing to get away from rote, formulaic approaches will be underscored again in a very big way on September 17, your toughest day of the month. On this day, Saturn, your ruler, will conjunct the Sun, and simultaneously, Uranus will oppose the Sun. I cannot remember a time when these two heavy-duty aspects have occurred on the same day. Taken separately they are manageable, but together, they seem harder to deal with. We will all have to see.


The Sun in your chart is associated with credit cards, loans, taxes, child support, and other similar financial obligations, as well as income you would get as commission, royalty, book advance, inheritance, or division of property in a divorce. You get the idea - this area of your chart rules money that comes as lump sum money, but not money you would earn as salary. This area of your chart will be under siege on September 17, and you will need to brace for some sort of news regarding one of these areas that you will not be happy about hearing. News will come out of the blue and seem strange in some way.


You can't really anticipate what's coming, because whatever it is it will truly surprise you. Uranus rules what we would never expect, so alas, you can't prepare, but you can keep your antenna up. Sit back and see what happens. With Saturn involved, I doubt you will be able to avoid or ignore what comes up, especially if you had made a promise to comply or if the law compels you to respond. Saturn is the planet that reminds us of obligations and that forces us to strictly follow rules. Pluto will send an angry glare at Mercury, now retrograde, so there is evidence of force and tension.


The very next day, September 18 will bring the new moon in Virgo, and this time Saturn will conjoin the moon, and Uranus will oppose the same new moon. I have never seen so many difficult aspects occur in such a small period of time. Travel is likely to be troublesome from this point, September 16 to 29, and relationships with people based afar may be somewhat strained. If you work in publishing or broadcasting, watch your projects, for something is likely to come up that will spring you into action.


If you were born on January 16, you will be helped a bit by the new moon, so take comfort in that. You will likely be able to find creative solutions out of any pothole that you might fall into, so keep plugging.


Due to the hard aspects to the moon, your partner, governed by the moon, may fall on hard times or be beset with difficult news. In this case, your partner will need sympathy. Conversely, it may be that your partner will be your problem, and you will have to decide how to fix things. With Mars in Cancer, your partner will have a dominant role in your relationship all month, and be the one to drive it in the direction it will go, not you. You may have to compromise more than usual, or let your partner take the lead, but if this is true, this won't be the case all the time. Once you get to October 15, this will change. Knowing this, let your partner have his or her way - you will get your turn too in time.


Another sign that your marriage, romantic, or business partner will figure prominently in your life is the fact that on September 18 or 19 (depending on your time zone), plus or minus four days, Mars will oppose the position of the July 7 eclipse in Capricorn. This is sure to be a big day for partnership discussions and developments, and doubly so if you were born on January 7. Sit back and see what happens - expect the unexpected. Mama mia, what ELSE does the universe have in store for us in September?


The rough and tumble aspects will keep on coming, for the last one is due September 23. On this day, Mercury will oppose Uranus, planet of unanticipated events, making this one of the worst possible travel days of the month. You really should delay things until October if you can from September 15 onward.


Mercury is not only the planet of travel, but the planet of news too, so you may get a text message or phone call that throws you off balance on September 23.


Be sure to check in with your aunt, uncle, or in-law all month, but particularly near September 23 plus or minus five days, as this relative may need your assistance.


Mercury will be retrograde all month, from September 7 to 29, but you will feel the havoc that Mercury can create when retrograde from September 1 onward. It is simply too late to sign papers or to invest in anything expensive - wait for better days in October.


Mercury rules moving parts, so you may have a machine break down that will require repair. This is not a month to buy anything expensive, but especially not any electronic item, appliance, or car. Honestly, I would not buy furniture or jewelry or close on a house either in September, and I would not accept delivery on furniture or jewelry either, not until October. Mercury rules shipping too, so your item may arrive damaged. You may have buyer's remorse later.


This month has a serious tone, so you'll want to find small pleasures wherever you can. You seem to be seeking things exotic, so foreign movies, international foods, and museum exhibits may bring you precisely the right stimulation, if only for a few hours.


Capricorn is called the comic of the zodiac, so consider booking a table at a comedy club. This month, more than any other, it will be very important to keep your sense of humor.


If single, your best moments of the month will occur after Venus moves into fellow earth-sign Virgo from September 20 to October 14. Even though travel may prove arduous at times in the second part of September, getting away from your usual scene will bring out your most romantic side and help you refresh your relationship.


With Mars in your seventh house, you may need to revisit an issue with your partner that you assumed you both had finalized months ago. Go ahead, lift the lid to that box. You'll have to address that topic sooner or later, so why not now?


Pluto in Capricorn will go direct on September 11, the one and only sign of the month that you will prevail, absolutely, and that you have the ability to reinvent yourself. Having Pluto in Capricorn is like taking a magic pill that turns you into a superhero.


If you ever wondered if, in a pinch, you could practically leap off tall buildings and learn to fly, you will find out this month. Chances are, you'll find out you can, much to your astonishment. It's always great to learn that inside you are stronger than you ever imagined.





You may have heard the word that September will bring a number of difficult aspects and that's true, but as a Capricorn you are an earth sign, so you will be one of the lucky ones who won't be overly tested by clashing planets. You can tame the tigers this month!


It is true that Uranus will come after your ruler, Saturn, on September 15, but because they will be battling it out in Pisces and Virgo, signs that blend quite well with yours, you will be in a better position than most. The universe will ask you to survey your life and to come up with a more accurate, updated way of viewing yourself, and also in the way you deal with partners.


Mars will be in your opposite sign of Cancer until October 15, and that means that you won't easily get your way until that point. Whether you have a mate or steady sweetheart, or regularly partner or collaborate with others at work, you will find you have to try much harder to get your significant other or partner to see your point of view. If you feel like nothing is really easy in September, well, join the club - everyone will be in the same boat.


September 17 through 19 will be critical days to watch and to handle challenges as they come up.


On September 17, perhaps everyone's least favorite day, Uranus will oppose the Sun and Saturn will conjoin the Sun. Jointly-held money, or money you are obligated to pay a credit card company, bank, or other lender, could create a crisis or untoward surprise. Alternatively, if someone owes you money or has promised you a sum, such as an investor, you may discover that the money won't come for awhile, or that it won't ever come. Be very careful about the money you put on charge cards this month and the credit you extend to others, whether in business or personally.


On September 18, you will have a new moon in Virgo, often a very positive, encouraging place for Virgo to be, but with so many clashing planets, you will have to make a number of decisions about the future. One may relate to a foreign-based client or project, or even have something to do with a publishing or broadcasting endeavor.


Alternatively you may be trying to come to accord over an agreement or trying to push a project forward that seems beset with delays and changes in direction. Keep communicating with your client or boss, and assume nothing in a month so filled with mixed messages.


This day also will trigger the same degrees of the July 7 eclipse, so if something came up that involve a partner, collaborator, or even a detractor or competitor in early July - or even if it did not - you will hear something new. Because the eclipse was in Capricorn at 15 degrees, September 18 plus or minus four days could be critical for you, particularly if you were born on or within five days of January 5.


If you do want to stay with a partner, you will need to be prepared to work harder to get your partner on your wavelength and vice versa, even if you normally get along quite well.


Pluto's move direct on September 11 is the one dazzling moment of the month. From now on, you will gain in energy and power, physically and psychologically. Pluto will not retrograde again in Capricorn until April 6, 2010.


Travel will get even worse on September 23 when Mercury will oppose Uranus.


With Mercury retrograde all month, from September 7 to 29, but with delays, mechanical troubles, and setbacks apparent the moment the month begins, you need to adopt a wait and see attitude in September. Clashing planets and many dangers of miscommunication will make this month an obstacle course to traverse.


Call your airline before you depart for the airport to see if takeoff will be as scheduled. If traveling by car, take it in for a tune-up before your road trip. Delays could cause meetings or events to fall like dominos, so allow more time than you think you'll need when setting up your agenda. Go to great lengths to communicate clearly and be sure you've picked up the right message of others, too.



Dates to Note



The full moon September 4 will bring a fun trip to a place nearby, and you'll be back within two to four days. Your trip may be short but it sure will do the trick.


Later in the month you may travel again, but more likely to complete a goal or complete certain business. Be satisfied with small victories.


The new moon September 18 may cause you to view a situation or relationship with fresh eyes.


Distant relatives, such as an aunt or an in-law may need your help beginning at the new moon September 18.


Do not to travel to a distant city from September 15 onward - wait until October to do so.


Mercury will be retrograde from September 7 to 29, so don't finalize anything until October and don't make any big purchases. Check all machines for worn out parts, and don't buy any new electronics. You may find you are visiting the repair shop or calling IT more than usual.


Mars in Cancer may bring up an old issue that you and your romantic partner will need to resolve, even though you assumed that topic had been agreed upon previously.


Venus in Virgo from September 20 to October 14 will be your best period for love and fun, although next month brings better luck than this one.


Pluto's turn direct on September 11 will be like a shot of adrenaline - a real booster! You will have seven strong months ahead to use your growing strength. You can reinvent yourself!


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