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Madonna collapsing on stage!



News that Madonna collapsed on stage during her Sticky & Sweet show in Sofia, Bulgaria, made the headlines in the media outlets all over the world, giving many of them the chance to hint it is finally time for her to take her foot off the gas.
Now, MadonnaTribe has learnt and can reveal that Madonna did not only faint on the stage in Sofia, but she actually did that during each and every show of the 2009 leg.

"A team of experts from the best medical universities is going to look into this" - a source told us - "because not only the Queen of Pop suffered for collapsing in repeated shows, but apparently she did that at the very same time, in each and every show".

The experts are also considering to re-create the show once again and having Madonna perform while connected to various electronic monitoring devices, in order to find out if there is any relationship between her temporary loss of consciousness and the beats of her songs.
At the present time it is not known if fans will also be asked to take part to the tests to re-create the exact same environment.


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