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Latest news from Israel



After wrapping up her Sticky & Sweet Tour at Hayrkon Park yesterday night she went back to her hotel to freshen up and change her clothes, and two hours later at about 2AM in the morning she left and headed to the Seatara restaurant for dinner, joined by Jesus Luz, photographer Steven Klein, and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Madonna is also said to be traveling to neighboring country of Jordan today and meet their queen Rania. It is not clear if Madonna will visit other places in that country but she is supposed to return to Israel on the same day.

On Friday Madonna is set to meet Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, He will give her a tour inside the nation's parliament called "Knesset ".
A second visit to Israel's president Shimon Peres, is also on the singer's time table, and that might happen on Saturday evening.

Madonna is expected to leave Israel on Saturday night.


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