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02 sep 2009 - My Madonna day



5 days from now, i'm gonna see Madonna live for the first time in the last night of the Sticky and Sweet Tour in Israel...

4 month ago the rumors stared about madonna Madonna ending her tour in Israel. i didn't believe it. i was sure in will be just like it was in 2004 during her Re-Invention Tour... (she came to Israel but not to perform)..

3 weeks ago i started a new job.. my only request was a day off to go to the show.... I know i'm gonna pay for it later but i don't care as long as i'm gonna see Madonna live.

2 shows in Israe. Day after day. and it will bw the second time she will perform in Israel. the first time was in 1993 (girlie show). and i was too young to go

1 thousand and fifty shekel (NIS) was the price i had to pay to get into the golden circle. A long weekend vacation in Turky cost last...


Crazy?? mybe i am...   I'm addicted to Madonna!!!!

Madonna ad in Tel Aviv


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