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Sticky and Sweet Day in Belgrade



It*s 11AM, I*ve been up since 9AM...had my coffee and I*ve checked all Serbian media for todays S&S Show. Stage is ready and everything else for Madonna tonight! Gates open at 5.30PM, Paul Oakenfold from 7PM, and than Madonna around 9PM!!!

Newspapers mostly write about technical stuff, where to park, how the approach concert area (in this case, 1 700 square meters/ stage is 22m high and 65m wide)Stage... BUT, NO CAMERAS OR TAKING PICTURES!Foot in mouth Tickets are stil available and you can buy them until 8.30PM!This is HER first show in Serbia, last years show was canceled!

Today is hot and sunny in the city (low 61F/ high 79F)...so everything is perfect! CoolLet me go out and see how Belgrade is breathing today. I*ll try to keep posting trough the day... if I don*t go completely mad!!!Sealed I hope everybody who will be here today will enjoy the show... I know!


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