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A Day to Remember



I already miss the show, and i think i've become addicted to the songs.

I usually listen to HARD CANDY when i get back from work and it makes me feel less tired and much happier inside.

I remember that in Belgium, when the rain started to fall, Madonna was rehearsing at that time and she was telling us to sing  : rain rain go away, rain rain go away! I felt so happy that i didn't really care about the rain, the only thing i was thinking was that i was so lucky to be able to be there and enjoy these beautiful moments.

I forgot to mention that, while waiting for the show to start, i've made a new friend and her name was Flaurence. She lived in Belgium and she was kind enough to take us back at the hotel in Brussels where we stayed after the show ended. Otherwise, we would have to spend the whole night out, until the trains started to function again, since we stayed in Brussels city. I gave her and her husband  my email in case they wanted to visit Greece at some point, so i could help them and show them around. Those people were so great, i can never forget what they did for us...taking us from the concert to the hotel, without even knowig who we were...

So, i just wanted to thank them once again, from this site and tell everyone that i trully believe that  goodness is all around us, we only have to share our thoughts and feelings with other people and then everything becomes easier...

Thank u all

Madonna- sound-checkIMG_4054.JPG


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