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Bulgarian radio station fined for English Madonna advert




Bulgaria's Council for Electronic Media decided to slap Darik Radio with a hefty fine for airing a recorded Madonna invitation to her fans in Bulgaria, because in the invitation, the pop-star spoke English, Sophia Echo reported.

According to chapter 12 article 1 of the Radio and Television Act, all advertisement in foreign languages are forbidden, and so the commission has ordered Darik Radio to pay a penalty, the amount of which is expected to be in the range of 2000 to 15000 leva. Should the radio station repeat the broadcast, the fine will be doubled.

The 10 second message from Madonna to her fans in Bulgaria said; "Hello Bulgaria, this is Madonna and I expect to see you at the August 29 show in Sofia in Vassil Levsli Stadium".

A spokesperson for Sofia Music Enterprises, the Bulgarian organizers of Madonna's concert, said "this is normal procedure and it is used in all countries. Any time Madonna has a concert in a country, she records a message for her fans, and it is always in English. There is no way that an exception will be made just for us."

Konstantin Vulkov, program manager of Darik Radio said the station "apologizes that Madonna is not proficient in Bulgarian." Darik Radio will have to stop the offensive broadcast, unless Madonna brushes up on her Bulgarian.

Source : Bucharest Herald


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