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MADONNA 20090808



Well better late then never right?!
Have no idea why I havent been a member here before. Well I am now anyways.

This is by far the best place ever. Love to see other fans and hope to get to know many of you wonderful people soon!!

I was at Ullevi in Sweden this saturday. The best night of my life. Its not every day you get so MADONNA live!!! Its been a dream for me since I was about 5 years old and I am now 32 so it was about time!!!
I loved her show and to be there was like nothing I have every done before. Its right up there with the birth of my 2 girls Smile

I know a lot of people had only bad things to say about the show. But I guess they are among all the people that didnt understand that it was a MADONNA  show they were attending. I mean come on. It was the first time since 1990 she came here. People should have given her a warm welcome. Instead the audiens just kinda of not even noticed when she came on stage.
I was among the fans that really gave her a warm welcome. And of course she couldt hear me but I saw her I heard her!!!
So to Madonna I just wanna say sorry for my swedish neigbours that didnt give you the audiens you deserve. And above all THANK YOU FOR THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! A memory I will allways take with me and cherrish. As allways you gave us a good show and I loved the remixes of my old time favourite song. LIKE A PRAYER is all I can say. And you made me feel like home so thanks for everything.



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