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S&S in Tallinn



On 4th August I visited the concert in Tallinn, and the weirdest thing happened. Of course, there were 80 000 people and everything  and everyone seemed really friendly there in Estonia from the beginning BUT....

When Madonna said "Now everybody jump!" NOONE except us foreigners DID. WTF??? IT's MADONNA,dudes!! And then she asked like "Hey why aren't you jumping? Jump! JUMP!" But still everyone were so noobish , like noone even danced, ok mabye in front of the stage, because there the greatest fans were.

And the day after in an interview she said that she hopes Estonia will greet her better next time. She was really disappointed..

How do I know that noone jumped or clapped? Because I was standing on a hill or smth, and I oversaw all 80 000 people so I DID see, and I got really disappointed as well.

Anyway, I was wondering, did anything like that happened at your concerts?


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