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I'm Breathless



I know a lot of fans don't like this album and I always wondered why.  To me this was an amazing album that really showed off her singing skills.  One of the best tracks Sooner or Later, which won the Oscar for best song is one of M's best songs.  When I first bought this CD I was thinking what the ***CENSORED*** was she thinking doing an album like this.  But after repeated listens it really grew on me and to this day it is one of my favorite Madonna albums. 

The only track on this album that doesn't fit is Vogue but to me it was marketing genius at its best because that really fueled the sales of the album.  I absolutely love He's A Man, Sooner or Later, Hanky Panky, More, Something to Remember and What Can You Lose.  I really think Warren Beatty did a disservice by cutting out most of Madonna's singing perfomances from Dick Tracy because to me they were such a highlight.  And I remember reading that Madonna was also upset that her performances were cut up and cut out of the final cut of the movie.  I would love to see a director's cut that includes the entire Madonna performances one day.  Visually this movie looked unlike anything we had ever seen and I still enjoy watching it to this day. 

I also remember reading that the original lyrics to Hanky Panky were much different to the ones the ended up on the album because the orignal were too risque for a Disney movie, I would actually love to see those original lyrics and wonder if a demo exists somewhere.  Anyways I just wish more of you out there would give this album the compliments it deserves because to me this just showed how talented Madonna really was and how she could adapt to any style of music. 


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