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Confessions Tour (Part 1)



This is the official tour schedule. Madonna performed a total of 60 shows in 11 countries.


North America

US May 21

May 23

May 24


Great Western Forum Englewood, Los Angeles, CA The Confessions Tour DVD - click to enlarge


The Confessions Tour poster - click to enlarge


The Confessions Tour poster - click to enlarge

May 27

May 28


MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV
May 30

May 31


HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA
June 03


Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
June 05

June 06


Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA
June 08

June 10


Glendale Arena, Phoenix, AZ
June 14

June 15

June 18

June 19


United Center, Chicago, IL


June 21

June 22


Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada
US June 25

June 26


Civic Centre, Hartford, CT
June 28

June 29

July 02

July 03


Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
July 06

July 09

July 10


TD Bank Garden, Boston, MA
July 12

July 13


Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
July 16


Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ
July 18

July 19


Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
July 22

July 23



American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL




July 30


Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, UK  
  August 01

August 03


Wembley Arena, London, UK  


August 06


Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy  


August 09

August 10

August 12

August 13 *

August 15 *

August 16 *


Wembley Arena, London, UK  


August 20


LTU Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany  
  August 22


Niedersachsen, Hannover, Germany  


August 24


Forum Horsens, Horsens, Denmark  


August 27

August 28

August 30

August 31


Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France  
The Netherlands


September 03

September 04


ArenA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
Czech Republic


September 06

September 07


Sazka Arena, Prague, Czech Republic  



September 12 *


Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia  




September 16

September 17


Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan  
September 20

September 21


Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan  

item.gifThe crucifixion scene caused a lot of controversy, especially in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Russia, where religious conservativists tried to ban the show. When the concert was broadcast on NBC in November, Madonna was not shown during the performance until she came down from the cross. In addition, the concert special featured several other editing, including the omission of Drowned World, Paradise & Lucky Star.


item.gifThe concert in Moscow was originally planned at the Moscow University on September 11th. Because this venue raised some security issues, the show was moved to the Luzhniki Stadium on September 12th.


item.gifMonths before the tour, Madonna had promised that if she'd tour Japan, she'd also tour Australia. As the tour got planned, Japan was included, but Australia wasn't. For this, Madonna posted an official apology on her website.


item.gifThe August 13th, 15th & 16th shows in London were recorded for the tv special (directed by Jonas Akerlund), which was released on DVD in January 2007. A live CD accompanied the release with 13 tracks.


The songs: Back to top
Equestrian Segment

item.gifFuture Lovers (with some lines of 'I Feel Love')

item.gifGet Together

item.gifLike A Virgin


In a true collaboration between Madonna and Gaultier, the Equestrian costume mixes elements of horseback riding gear with S&M bondage. Inspired by Romy Schneider in Ludwig, Madonna appears in top hat, knee-high boots, a see-through blouse underneath an asymmetric jacket, a pair of jodhpurs and finished off with a riding crop. Although she sports a long black pony tail at the back of her hat, she's clearly the one riding the male-dancers-turned-horses. As the second song kicks in, she takes off the jacket and hat, revealing her blond hair, tied in a bun. Equestrian Segment
Bedouin Segment

item.gifLive To Tell (with dancer confessions intro)

item.gifForbidden Love



item.gifLike It Or Not

Gaultier continues with a 'Biblical Chic' look, consisting of a transparent mousseline blouse over red lycra body, burgundy velvet trousers and matching boots. To complete her image of a martyr, she wears a crown of thorns on her shoulder-long wavy hair. For the Sorry performance, Madonna exchanges the blouse for a brown leather jacket. As the segment comes to an end, she loses the jacket and shows off her assets. Bedouin Segment
Never Mind The Bollocks Segment

item.gifDon't Talk, Don't Speak (video interlude)

item.gifI Love New York

item.gifRay Of Light

item.gifLet It Will Be

item.gifDrowned World/Substitute For Love

item.gifParadise (Not For Me)

Influenced by the looks of 70s icons Lou Reed, Bowie & T-Rex, Madonna sports a glam punk outfit, consisting of tight black jeans and black leather jacket, finished with feathers in the collar. For the rock tracks, she plays the electric guitar, with a shoulder strap that reads "I (heart) NY". For Let It Will Be, the jacket comes off, and as she dances and spasms on stage, her hair becomes wild and messy. Never Mind The Bollocks Segment
Disco Segment

item.gifMusic Inferno

item.gifErotica / You Thrill Me

item.gifLa Isla Bonita

item.gifLucky Star

item.gifHung Up

For the final part of the show, Madonna pays tribute to several disco stars. In the backdrop video for Music Inferno, she doesn't only reflect back on her own disco hits, but also appears as an acid queen with red Tina Turner dress. Madonna appears on stage in a classy white suit, dancing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. On the tones of Erotica, she strips off the suit, revealing an asymmetric lycra outfit, once worn by Agnetha and Frida. ABBA gets another wink, when Nicki and Donna cover Madonna with a cape that reads 'Dancing Queen'. As M opens the cape, it shows twinkling disco balls on the inside. The show finale is performed in the infamous purple leotard, topped off with glittery jacket and sun glasses. Disco Segment
Opening Acts:

item.gifPaul Oakenfold opened with a DJ set in the stadiums of Cardiff, Rome, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Horsens & Amsterdam.


item.gifIn Paris, a different French DJ opened each of the four gigs in Bercy: Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, Jean French, DJ Dimitri.




item.gifEverybody and Deeper And Deeper were rehearsed but later they got replaced by La Isla Bonita and Erotica / You Thrill Me. Madonna sang a few lines of Nothing Fails at the end of Drowned World during rehearsals.


item.gifThe setlist was the same on every single show. Only some minor details were changed: the dancers during Forbidden Love got the Jewish and Muslim symbols after the first date in London; Madonna started wearing a cowboy hat for Let It Will Be and the Hung Up leotard became glittery from late US shows; in Japan she wore a "Japanese Do It Better" T-shirt and in Tokyo, she wore a platinum blonde bob wig during the second half of the show. In Moscow, Russia, Madonna performed the John Lennon classic 'Give Peace A Chance' during her usual speech halfway through the show.


item.gifDesigner Jean-Paul Gaultier said he wasn't too fond of Madonna's idea to use the white and violet ABBA leotard, because he rather wanted to dress her in Las Vegas style. However, they did immediately agree on the John Travolta suit. Gaultier suggested dressing the backup singers and the band as Donna Summer, Cher and The Village People, but Madonna disapproved.


The performers: Back to top

Donna DeLory

Nicki Richards

Yitzhak Sinwani


Vocals & Guitar

Background vocals

Background vocals

Additional vocals


Stuart Price

Steve Sidelnyk

Monte Pittman

Marcus Brown


Musical Director, Keyboards & Programmer





Addie Yungmee Schilling George

Jason Young

Charmaine "Charm" Jordan

Daniel "Cloud" Campos

Leroy "Hypnosis " Barnes

Levi Meeuwemberg

Mihran Kirakosian

Reshma Gajjar

Sebastien Foucan

Sofia Boutella

Steve Nester

Tamara Levinson

Victor Lopez

Williams "Norman" Charlemoine


Dance Captain

Dance Captain














Angela Becker

Guy Oseary

Arthur Fogel

Liz Rosenberg

Jamie King

Chris Lamb




Tour Producer


Creative Director

Tour Production Director


Jamie King

Richmond & Anthony Talauega

RJ Durell

Liz Imperio

Alison Faulk

Fred Tallaksen

April Corley

Ralph "Doctor Plik Plok" Montejo


Laurie Ann Gibson

Gabriel Castillo







Roller Skate Choreographer

Roller Skate Choreographer Assistant






Giovanni Bianco

Steven Klein

Annika Aschberg

Johann Renck

Jamie King

Christian Lamb

Dustin Robertson


Art Direction & Graphic Design

Photography tourbook and video projection


Director 'Hung Up', Video Stills

Director 'Sorry', Video Stills

Video Projection Director

Video Projection Director


Jean-Paul Gaultier

Arianne Phillips

Gina Brooke

Andy Lecompte


Costume designer

Costume designer/Tour Stylist

Make Up Artist

Hair Stylist


Numbers and figures: Back to top
item.gif1 1/2 Tons weight of Madonna's disco ball rocket ship at start of show

item.gif2 weeks to use up wand of YSL #5 mascara

item.gif2 Million dollars worth of Swarovski crystals embellishes above disco ball

item.gif5000 Square Feet Size of Madonna's four stages (standard is 2600 square feet)

item.gif1000 Hours rehearsal over 12 weeks

item.gif27 Number of Performers including Madonna, Band, and 22 Dancers

item.gif253 Massages provided to dancers

item.gif0 foundation used on Madonna's skin

item.gif1 bottle of balancing cleansing oil (Shu Uemura Green Tea) every week

item.gif1 bottle of Yonka moisturizer used up every three weeks

item.gif106 Crew members in Madonna touring party

item.gif40 Foot turntable in center of main stage

item.gif16 Miles per hour when turntable revolves

item.gif1 "Discofied"Crucifix rises nightly from stage floor with surprise visitor attached

item.gif4 Feet away from the audience is distance between Madonna and fans on satellite stages

item.gif70 Tons of equipment on top of main stage

item.gif24 Semi Trucks used to move equipment from city to city

item.gif2 Private Planes to transport

item.gif18 Vans and Cars to transport

item.gif5 Buses to transport

item.gif280 Yards of Ace bandages used for dancers and Madonna

item.gif543 and counting heat wraps for dancers

item.gif200 Tons in weight of entire show (equivalent to a battle ship)

item.gif400,000 Watts of power used for run of show nightly

item.gif8 Broken bones of Madonna's displayed on video screens during "Like a Virgin" via x-rays and MRI's (she's all better now)

item.gif7 Costume changes for Madonna

item.gif30 Outfits were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Madonna and dancers

item.gif8 Pairs of shoes and boots used by Madonna each night (mostly Yves St. Laurent)

item.gif1 Piece of jewelry (only) worn by Madonna (diamond and amethyst necklace designed by Chopard)

item.gif600 Outfits in total for the entire show

item.gif25 Rack required to move wardrobe

item.gif1 Crown of thorns -50 thorns - from Cotters Church Supply in LA)

item.gif1 Bottle of vodka backstage to use for perspiration stains

item.gif24 Inch waist (Madonna)

item.gif4 People change Madonna's costumes during the show

item.gif1 Pair of Capezio professional fish net stockings used each night

item.gif10 Pounds is weight of Michael Schmidt designed belt Madonna wears during a segment in show

item.gif4000 Swarovski crystals imbedded in said belt

item.gif34 Clips used to set Madonna's hair

item.gif2 Smoothie brand hair elastics used during show (one blonde, one white)

item.gif4 Large hairpins used to secure chignon in opening sequence

item.gif3 Hairstyles revealed during the show (chignon, crown of thorns with baby Jesus curls and weeny/disco roll coiff)

item.gif2 Products used for hair (Kerestase oleo relax and Evian water mister to prevent electricity)

item.gif2 Changes of eyelashes (one mink, one mink with diamonds for disco section)


Tour grosses: Back to top

1. Inglewood, Calif.: $7,686,380 - 3 shows - 40,044 attendance

2. Las Vegas, Nev.: $7,257,750 - 2 shows - 27,528 attendance

3. San Jose, Calif.: $4,761,555 - 2 shows - 27,024 attendance

4. Los Angeles, Calif.: $2,804,583 - 1 show - 14,183 attendance

5. Fresno, Calif.: $3,749,800 - 2 shows - 20,154 attendance

6. Glendale, Arizona: $4,890,090 - 2 shows - 28,820 attendance

7. Chicago, Ill.: $9,271,790 - 4 shows - 52,000 attendance

8. Montreal: $5,670,150 - 2 shows - 34,940 attendance

9. Hartford, Connec.: $3,451,235 - 2 shows - 21,558 attendance

10. New York, New York.: $16,507,855 - 6 shows - 91,841 attendance

11. Boston, Mass.: $6,337,115 - 3 shows - 36,741 attendance

12. Philadelphia, Penns.: $4,639,775 - 2 shows - 29,749 attendance

13. Atlantic City, New Jersey.: $3,246,100 - 1 show - 12,322 attendance

14. Miami, Fla.: $5,568,485 - 2 shows - 30,410 attendance

Totals for North American leg: 34 shows reported to Billboard - $85,842,663 - 467,314 tickets



1. Cardiff, UK: $7,788,845 - 1 show - 55,795 attendance

2. London, UK: $22,090,582 - 8 shows - 86,061 attendance

3. Rome, Italy: $5,268,886 - 1 show - 63,054 attendance

4. Düsseldorf, Germany: $5,926,105 - 1 show - 44,744 attendance

5. Hannover, Germany: $5,218,985 - 1 show - 39,871 attendance

6. Horsens, Denmark: $11,435,199 - 1 show - 85,232 attendance

7. Paris, France: $9,145,832 - 4 shows - 67,758 attendance

8. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: $11,783,254 - 2 shows - 102,330 attendance

9. Prague, Czech Republic: $5,861,668 - 2 shows - 37,666 attendance (2 non-sellout dates)

10. Moscow, Russia: $5,548,998 - 1 show - 37,939 attendance

Totaly for European leg: 22 shows reported to Billboard - $90,068,354 - 620,450 tickets



1. Osaka, Japan: $7,379,553 - 2 shows - 50,623 attendance

2. Tokyo, Japan: $11,463,877 - 2 shows - 71,231 attendance

Totals for Asian leg: 2 shows reported to Billboard - $18,843,430 - 121,854 tickets


WORLDWIDE TOTAL: $194,754,447 - 60 dates - 1,208,957 tickets


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