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Re-Invention tour (Part 1)



This is the official tour schedule. Madonna performed a total of 56 shows in 7 countries.

North America


May 24
May 25 26 *
May 27

The Forum, Los Angeles, CA Re-Invention Tour poster - click to enlarge

Re-Invention Tour poster - click to enlarge
May 29
May 30

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV
June 02
June 03

Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
June 06
June 08
June 09

HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA
June 13
June 14

MCI Center, Washington, DC
June 16
June 17
June 20
June 21
June 23
June 24

Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
June 27
June 28
June 30
July 01

Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA
July 04
July 05

Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
July 07
July 08

Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
July 11
July 12
July 14
July 15

United Center, Chicago, IL

July 18
July 19
July 21

Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada

July 24
July 25

Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA
July 28
July 29

Office Depot Center, Sunrise, FL
August 01
August 02

American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL


UK August 14
August 15

M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, UK  
August 18
August 19

Earls Court, London, UK  
August 22
August 23
August 25
August 26

Wembley Arena, London, UK  

August 29

Slane Castle, Dublin, Ireland  

September 01
September 02
September 04
September 05

Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France  

September 08
September 09

Gelredome, Arnhem, The Netherlands  

September 12 13 *
September 14

Atlantic Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal  
Madonna had to postpone her 2nd show of the tour on May 25th due to illness. The show was rescheduled one day later.

item.gifFor the European tour originally only London and Paris were announced. There were negotiations for shows in Spain, Italy and Germany but for some reason they failed. Instead shows were added for Holland and Portugal.

item.gifRumours about getting Madonna to Slane Castle started spreading in March and seemed confirmed when a licence was applied for in April, which got approved in June.

item.gifMadonna originally planned to play 3 shows in Israel, but cancelled her plan due to safety problems. According to rumours she had received death threats from extremists. She did visit Israel for a pelgrimage right after the tour.

item.gifThe Lisbon shows almost got cancelled due to a conflict with a church group who reserved the venue the week prior to the concert. Since Madonna's crew needed the venue to set up the stage and to prepare for DVD recordings, both shows were pushed back one day. This is the reason why the tour book mentions September 12 & 13 instead of 13 & 14.

item.gifFor a while, Madonna and the tour management considered extending the European tour with stops in Helsinki, Stockholm and Moscow. Although some of those negotiations were almost finalized, Madonna decided to stick to the original idea to end the tour in Lisbon.

item.gifLike the Drowned World Tour, it was planned to broadcast one of the shows on TV. However, negotiations with TV network CBS fell through when it didn't want to comply with Madonna's demand to air for more than 2 hours and commercial-free.

item.gifThe 4-month long tour was chronicled by Jonas Akerlund in the I'm Going To Tell You A Secret documentary. The movie features several edited performances, which is the only official footage of the show as for now. Although the Lisbon show was taped, it has not been released. Following the many fan requests for the live DVD, Madonna's management stated that it will be released "someday".

The songs: Back to top
French Baroque Segment
item.gifThe Beast Within (intro)
item.gifNobody Knows Me
The Beast Within video with images from Steven Klein's exhibition immediately sets a dark tone. "Behold, I'm coming soon" and Madonna rises from beneath the stage, dressed in a stunning golden corset by Christian Lacroix, re-imagining the VMA 1990 performance. On some shows, she alternated with a lilac corset, while wearing the arm accessory on the left instead of right arm. Her golden blond curls hang loose on her shoulders. French Baroque Segment
Military Segment
item.gifAmerican Life
item.gifExpress Yourself
item.gifBurning Up
item.gifMaterial Girl
The second part of the show is based on Madonna's look in the original American Life video. Complete with military camouflage jacket, trousers and beret, Madonna and her dancers rock the stage. Several dancers are originally dressed in different religious outfits and strip them off during the performance, to prove that "in the end, we're all the same". Military Segment
Circus Segment
item.gifHollywood (interlude)
item.gifHanky Panky
item.gifDeeper And Deeper
item.gifDie Another Day
While Madonna changes her costume, the dancers Cloud, Jason, Reshma, Tamara and Sergie entertain the audience, each with their own circus discipline and matching outfit. The skateboarding ramp and other stage ornaments further build the circus feel. As a true showgirl, Madonna wears a red and white striped bodysuit, stockings and high heels, as a nod to her Breathless Mahoney days. Circus Segment
Acoustic Segment
item.gifBedtime Story (video interlude)
item.gifNothing Fails
item.gifDon't Tell Me
item.gifLike A Prayer
item.gifMother And Father (with Intervention interlude)
item.gifImagine (John Lennon cover)
The 'white angel' Madonna in the Bedtime Story interlude video keeps eye contact with the audience while the real queen slips into her Stella McCartney black bespoke suit, which mixes very masculine elements with her iconic energy. This outfit is quieter and more about silhouettes, fitting the emotional heart of the show. For Like A Prayer, she takes off the black hat and performs the rest of the segment with a hairnet over her blond locks. Acoustic Segment
Scottish Segment
item.gifInto The Groove (with bag pipes intro)
item.gifPapa Don't Preach (with American Life reprise)
item.gifCrazy For You
Reminiscent to the opening segment of the Drowned World Tour, Madonna again pays tribute to the Scottish roots of husband Guy Ritchie. Madonna and her dancers are all wearing a long black & white squared kilt, a white 'wife beater' shirt and high black boots. For the Papa Don't Preach performance, she pays homage to the original video with a black t-shirt, using various "do it better" lines. At the end of the fan singalong Crazy For You, she tosses the shirt into the crowd. Before the Holiday finale, Madonna and the dancers lift up their kilt, showing off their red pants, spelling out the word 'freedom'. Scottish Segment
Swim was originally considered in the place of Frozen as the Chris Cunningham backdrop video was first cut to the album track.

item.gifMadonna rehearsed I'm So Stupid on the electric guitar (as seen in I'm Going To Tell You A Secret). It was replaced by Dress You Up, but Madonna had a hard time learning to play the song, so tour director Jamie King convinced Madonna to perform Material Girl instead, which became the final song of the military segment of the show just 4 weeks prior the tour kickoff.

item.gifReportedly the 1920s torch song Devil Wouldn't Recognize You from the Hello Suckers! musical was meant to be premiered on this tour.

item.gifApparently Madonna didn't want the word "good-bye" to appear in any of the songs she was going to sing, thus making the likes of Take A Bow or The Power Of Good-Bye left out.

item.gifMadonna did change some elements of the show during the tour. She wore the gold corset for the shows in the US, Toronto, Slane, Lisbon and the 2nd show in Arnhem. For the British and French shows as well as the first Dutch show, she had a lilac corset. Her shirt during Papa Don't Preach read either "Kabbalists Do It Better", either "Italians Do It Better", while the Brits and Irish fans got their own shirt: "Brits Do It Better" and "Irish Do It Better". There were also 2 versions for Don't Tell Me: the French version with the Paris background and the British "Bittersweet Symphony" version with London background (used in the British shows, Slane, Lisbon and the 2nd Arnhem show).

item.gifThe name of the tour, Re-Invention was supposedly Guy Ritchie's suggestion, while several other rumoured titles circled online, including 'Whore Of Babylon', 'Ground 0' or 'Nobody Knows Me'.

The performers & collaborators: Back to top
Donna DeLory
Siedah Garrett

Vocals & guitar
Background vocals
Background vocals

Stuart Price
Steve Sidelnyk
Monte Pittman
Marcus Brown
Mike McKnight
Lorne Cousin

Musical Director, keyboards & guitar
Programmer / Keyboards

Daniel "Cloud" Campos
Reshma Gajjar
Mihran Kirakosian
Paul Kirkland
Tamara Levinson
Valerie "Raistalla" Moise
Dawn Noel Pignuola
Marilyn Ortiz
SeanAries Smith
Seth Steward
Zach Woodlee
Jason Young
Sergie Ventura

Skateboard Artist

Caresse Henry
Shari Goldschmidt
Richard Feldstein
Liz Rosenberg
Angela Becker
Jordana Steiner
George Tortarolo
Kelli Frazier
Angie Edgar

Artist Management, Caliente Entertainment
Business Management Richard Feldstein
Business Management Leeann Hard
Assistant to Madonna
Ticket Coordinator
Ticket Coordinator
Ticket Coordinator
Tour Assistant

Jamie King
Stefanie Roos
Roy Bennett
Peter Aquinde
Sean Spuehler
Mirwais Ahmadzai
Arianne Philips
Gina Brooke
Andy LeCompte

Show Director, Set Designer & Choreographer
Assistant Director & Choreographer
Lighting Designer
Lighting Designer
Sound Design
Music Design
Costume Designer
Artist Make-up
Artist Hair & Wig Stylist

Chris Lamb
Benny Collins
Tony Villanueva

Tour Production Director
Production Manager
Wardrobe Supervisor

Talauega Brothers
Liz Imperio
Allen Dekko
Dreya Weber
Armando Orzuzo
Daniela Amoruso
Karen Dyer
Jason Lewis
Stephen Kilbride

Drill Specialist
Aerial Choreographer
Tango Choreographer
Tango Choreographer
Fire Specialist
Drum Consultant

Giovanni Bianco
Steven Klein
Craig McDean
Dago Gonzalez
Chris Cunningham

Artwork, logos & designer tourbook
Photography tourbook and video projection
Video projection
Video projection

Stella McCartney
Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel
Christian LaCroix

Costume designer
Costume designer
Costume designer

Special thanks to:

Yves Saint Laurent, Prada/Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Julien D'Ys, Eugenia Kim, Jimmy Choo, Gina shoes of London, Joeboxer, Capezio, Louis Verdad, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Jeremy Scott, Converse, Hanes, Asics, Harbinger, Banana republic, Henry Rose, Kangol, Rocky Roeger, USA Kilts, Juicy, Gap, etc.

Numbers and figures: Back to top
item.gif110 People travelled on the road with the tour
item.gif58 Minutes for Madonna to get hair and makeup completed before show
item.gif56 security guards backstage
item.gif55 Tons of above ground equipment including sound, lights, videos and speakers
item.gif40 Tons is the weight of the stage
item.gif30 Trunks carried wardrobe of entire touring company
item.gif25 Cases of Kaballah Water provided backstage nightly (backstage beverage of choice)
item.gif18 Semi Trucks carried equipment including special 'Turntable' stage
item.gif18 Dressing Rooms in each venue for touring entourage
item.gif12 Tons of sound equipment in air
item.gif12 Dancers
item.gif8 Minutes for Madonna to do warmup on Pilates stretch ball
item.gif6 Madison Square Garden Shows sold out in one day
item.gif5 Costume changes
item.gif5 Musicians
item.gif4 Wembley Arena Shows sold out in one day
item.gif3 Toronto Shows sold out in one day
item.gif3 Ricola cough drops consumed by Madonna prior to start of show
item.gif2 Background vocalists
item.gif1 Full truck to house Madonna's wardrobe and makeup
item.gif1 Skateboarder
item.gif1 Large cup of Throat Coat Honey Lemon Tea consumed by Madonna prior to start of show
item.gif1 Children's Play room backstage
item.gif1 Bagpipe player
Tour grosses : Back to top
1. Inglewood, Calif.: $6,965,055 - 3 shows - 43,158 attendance
2. Las Vegas, Nev.: $7,005,548 - 2 shows - 28,341 attendance
3. Anaheim, Calif.: $4,164,450 - 2 shows - 24,250 attendance
4. San Jose, Calif.: $5,543,715 - 3 shows - 40,205 attendance
5. Washington, D.C.: $3,486,684 - 2 shows - 26,788 attendance
6. New York, New York: $12,674,925 - 6 shows - 88,625 attendance
7. Boston/Worcester, Mass.: $6,439,890 - 4 shows - 46,075 attendance
8. Philadelphia, Pa.: $4,134,478 - 2 shows - 30,575 attendance
9. East Rutherford, N.J.: $4,437,345 - 2 shows - 29,315 attendance
10. Chicago, Ill.: $7,894,105 - 4 shows - 59,591 attendance
11. Toronto: $5,322,703 - 3 shows - 52,167 attendance
12. Atlanta: $3,450,874 - 2 shows - 25,627 attendance
13. Fort Lauderdale/Sunrise, Fla.: $3,834,522 - 2 shows - 28,208 attendance
14. Miami, Fla.: $4,145,760 - 2 shows - 30,580 attendance
Totals for North American leg: 39 shows reported to Billboard - $79,500,054 - 553,505 tickets

1. Manchester, England: $5,136,114 - 2 shows - 27,320 attendance
2. London, England: $6,356,207 - 2 shows - 34,087 attendance
3. London, England: $9,809,717 - 4 shows - 45,267 attendance
4. Meath, Ireland: $6,575,339 - 1 show - 62,275 (only non-sellout date)
5. Paris, France: $7.357,529 - 4 shows - 68,000 attendance
6. Arnhem, Nethlerlands: $6,759,661 - 2 shows - 73,300 attendance
7. Lisbon, Portugal: $3,286,166 - 2 shows - 33,460 attendance
Totals for European leg: 17 shows reported to Billboard - $45,280,733 - 343,709 tickets

WORLDWIDE TOTAL: $ 124,780,078 - 56 dates - 897,214 tickets


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