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Time to Confess Contest



October 27th, 2008, United Center, Chicago

My brother and I have been going to Madonna concerts since we were kids. First was Blond Ambition, fifth row, which was actually my brother Patricks first concert. Our parents took us for my birthday since I seemed to be obsessed with the woman. Anyway, our family was going through some troubled times, trying to keep it together and thank God Madonna was there to show us how.
I missed Drowned World Tour and ended up crying myself to sleep at home (I know, pretty pathetic) but the next time our Queen came around for Reinvention I was there to see, in the top balcony, practically back row. What a nightmare those seats were, young daughters with their mothers, threatening lesbians to guard the mothers and daughters if we so much broke out in a little dance and had some fun. The next time around I was not going to put up with it. Patrick and I decided to shell out the dough for good seats. It was well worth it. Confessions turned out to be amazing, genius! I was mesmerized. I had a spiritual, cathartic experience.
That brings us to the present, Sticky and Sweet, and I was preparing myself for another dampering experince in the nose bleeds but it was my Madonna, so needless to say, I was still excited. We headed downtown, then did some shopping and went for sushi. It was now time to head to the venue to get sticky and sweet. We headed to our seats, seat 6, row 8, section 314, in a galaxy far, far away! I knew I shouldn't be complaining. My brother was kind enough to get me a ticket as I had some financial troubles recently. So there we were looking down just wishing we could be a little closer. Then this girl came up to us whom was wearing a laminent! She asked us, "do you like your seats?" and we replied, "um no, are you ca-razy!". Then she said " well, will you promise to dance and sing, scream and yell, and get up and do your thing if I give you better seats? " "Yes!" we said, kind of confused, I have to admit.
Next thing I knew we were racing to the front row screaming OMG, OMG. I yelled to Pat, " stop running! I can't breathe, I am gonna faint!" Well, I didn't, and we made it. I still could not believe it. I was shaking and excited. The lights dimmed, the audience roared and there she came upon the stage.
It was so surreal. Madonna was giving it her all and so was I. Singing and dancing our hearts out, I didn't care what anyone thought. I was just gonna let it rip. Madonna sounded amazing and I was in heaven. It was truly 'like a prayer'. Then came request time and she slowly made it over our way and I thought, oh shit here she comes. She is looking at me. What am I gonna request? Delusional, a few hours before, I was thinking to myself, what would I request? As I heard she took a few requests in the past shows. I thought Angel would be good but now it was really happening and Angel would not keep with the time or work and OMG I blurted, "DRESS YOU UP!" She said "Can you handle that baby?" Then the next thing I knew the arena and Madonna were singing the whole song. It was spectacular! A classic Madonna moment, more powerful then any I had seen. She was really pumped up. She sounded incredible. Then she came back and asked me, "whats your name?" We shouted, "Jerry!" then she said, "Jerry this next song you don't get to sing. I'm in charge. I am still in charge in case you were wondering but I still need you to sing along. So express yourself freely, land of the free home of the brave, lets go!".
Wow! After the show I was famous! Everyone knew who I was, how weird. I can't beleive it to this day. I am so grateful to whoever moved us from our section, Thankyou! The next day I found the whole experience on You Tube and was able to share it with my friends.

Jerry Stevenson

P.S.- I hope you guys will still admit my story. I think I am a lil late but I had to study for a test for my new job. As I am sure Madonna would agree you have to put first priorities! Sorry about the grammer. Happy New Year Icon! XOXO


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