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Oscar Casares Astronomy and Kabbalah



lear.jpgOscar Casares enriches his inspiration studying Astronomy and Kabbalah to understand Madonna's Spirituality.

Astronomy is a science that studies planets, stars, satellites, comets, solar systems, constellations, and nebulae.  It also discovers and names new astros.  Astronomy studies the movement of celestial bodies, their composition and distances between them.

Undertones of Kabbalah.
Kabbalah -- (???? QBLH) Hebrew for “that which is received” or “oral tradition” -- is not a religion or a cult; it is a body of mystical teachings based on the Torah, the Jewish scriptures.  Kabbalah is an attempt to understand God through studying the scriptures, kabbalistic writings, and meditation.  Also, by learning and acting in accordance to kabbalistic teachings, its followers believe they will improve their lives and achieve fulfilment for themselves and humanity as a whole.  Through good deeds kabbalists can heal themselves and eventually the world.

Like most mystical traditions, Kabbalah has a strong symbology leaning.  The Sephirothic Tree, a tree composed of ten circles, signifies the thirty-two paths of wisdom.  It is also believed to be a graphic representation of how the universe began.  A red string bracelet, Hamsa, is worn for protection against the evil eye to prevent misfortune and to bring good luck and positive energy.  It is believed that if one winds a red string seven times around Rachel’s tomb in Israel, it will be endowed with mystical powers.cr.jpg


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