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Who's That Girl (OST)



Who's That Girl albumback_wtg.jpg

Albumcover by Donald B. Woodruff (?)


After the disastrous movie Shanghai Surprise Madonna accepted the role of Nikki Finn in the movie 'Slammer', directed by James Foley. During the production the title was changed to Who's That Girl, possibly because nobody wanted to refer to the prison ('slammer') when Madonna's husband Sean Penn kept getting in trouble. In the movie Madonna plays a girl that has spend some time in jail for a crime she didn't commit. When she is released she wants to take revenge on those responsible. However there's Louden Trott (Griffin Dunne), who has to make sure Nikki leaves town immediately. And of course their destiny brings them together. The movie wasn't exactly a success. So far Madonna had only been successful in Desperately Seeking Susan, where her character was very much like the real Madonna. However, Nikki Finn had the voice of Judy Holliday and the hair and make-up of Marilyn Monroe instead of anything Madonna. Madonna received a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress in Who's That Girl.

The soundtrack for the movie is always included in Madonna's discography because half of the tracks are hers. She recorded two songs with Patrick Leonard and two more with Steve Bray. The album was completed with 5 other tracks of unknown (and very forgettable) artists. The first three Madonna songs were released as a single. The title track wasn't just typical for Nikki Fynn, but for Madonna as well. By this time, Madonna had released three successful albums and had shown the world some different images and styles already, so people started wondering 'Who's That Girl anyway?'. The single reached #1 in the US, UK, Japan and Canada. The follow-up was the dance track Causing A Commotion, that was a Top 5 hit as well. The Look Of Love, a great ballad, was only released in Europe and Japan.

Released on July 21st, 1987 the album sold almost 5 million copies worldwide, of which 1 million in the US, making it Platinum. On the album charts it peaked at #1 (Germany), #2 (France), #4 (UK), #6 (Canada), and #7 (US). The single Who's That Girl got a Grammy nomination for Best Song Written Specifically For A Motion Picture.


  1. Who's That Girl - June 1987 (US) / July 1987 (Eur.)
  2. Causing A Commotion - August 1987 (US) / September 1987 (Eur.)
  3. The Look Of Love - November 1987 (Eur.)


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