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The 8 String Guitar, Bass and Octave



Perfection based on the OCTAVE, GOD's Number 8 is simple.

 In music P8...usually can be obtained on a properly tuned guitar by a properly tuned artists or people driven by the FAITH. 

  How about a hobby like Guitar or music? Art and muse can combine as your album someday will need all three plus you, the QUAD....4th..... Why Number 8? The Octave of the choir? 

 Sideways people put it on their Cadillac as the sign of Infinity or even vertically. But it is actually the Alpha and Omega's bumper sticker on GOD's Starship Cruiser....Have you seen His Fog Lights Yet? 

Or maybe it is on the back of a sports player or a race horse like BIRD OF MINE 50:1 odds to win..in that Big Derby....Team Valor proved that to be the case for long shot ideas...

We all understand some math correct? Music is Math and it is simple math to look at an Octave or the sequence of perfection of 8 P8.

GOD Likes the number 8 in eternal developments of our Universe and Wave theory.....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octave.

So why is it then that no one ever invented an 8 String Bass Guitar or a regular one for that matter. I know about 5, 6, 7 and 10 but 8 where is the 8 string today? 

Perhaps new technology and ideas will drive us to a new period of music - a composite of all of the 20th Century schools.

What do you think? From the first version of a guitar or stringed instrument, the bow we have evolved music.

I value your ideas. Post them and share notes!





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