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My Maddy's Fan...???



Hey My Beloved iiconers.....

I've write a thing for you all...So hope u will Like it =D

 My Maddy's Fans...

that it's so soft and so nice to be with you
to feel being somebody who makes that everything each
likes to meet at our instants of brotherhood

Warmth of your heart, the softness of your souls
Sharing emotions and desires, our passions and our worries
Where i can find , the magical words
Which will say what I feel??

A friendship is as a flower.
She is born and in full bloom gently.
It be able to last a life, forever.
Where it can stop and fade, in one day.

A friendship it is to give, a lot one.
Never ask for nothing, in return.
It is always to be present, always there.
Make it with pleasure, a lots of love.

A friendship is a quality which becomes rare.
That you should be never necessary line up in the bottom of a cupboard.
It is necessary to keep it, to keep it meadows of the heart.
So that it brings us softness and happiness.

Friendship is meant to be sincere, candidly.
A trust for which they hope, for always.
The deepest friendship, as a brother.
Cast down lies, and word murderers.

A friendship it is to be discreet, silent.
It is divided into group, or even for two.
It is joy to meet, true persons.
Or friendship fidelity sincerity, these words resound!

I absolutely do not regret,
 to have known somebody as you,
I write You therefore this poem,
to say to you that I love You all....

Nobody can do it better than us..Cuz It's The iiconers...Madonna fans forever who diid it!!

                it's a pleasure to meet you ...i'm so happy to be there!! and i hope to meet you all !! ♥♥♥


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