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Well....for some odd reason I wrote (typed!) some stuff in the "about me" section but doesn't appear! Just a gray box. 

This is what I originally had:

how many licks?

Greetings fellow ICONers! 

I've been a fan ever since Borderline came out.

(I would like to thank my mum for purchasing my LP 45's of M. I loved the cover sleeves of Lucky Star, Angel, Live To Tell....)

The first M album I bought (with my own money) was True Blue from the Crazy Eddie (Electronics Store).  They had a huge display of the TB album cover all over their music section. I remember that the album included a poster of M with her leather jacket showing her shoulder....it was sooo awesome.

I was fortunate to meet and greet M at her book signing for "Lotsa de Casha" She looked angelic and had this "glow" to her. I told her, "thank you for your music, all the best with your future endeavours and "all that jazz!" (yes, she repeated that last part!)

Concerts I attended:

Blond Ambition  (i was young didn't realize what a huge impact of a concert! SAY WHAT!)
Drowned World (a very,very long time i waited for a M concert! i thought this would be her finale tour..glad i was wrong!)

Re-Invention(friggin' awesome, she did a rock version of burning up. finally heard into the groove LIVE!)

Confessions (got me dancing and dancing...)
Sticky & Sweet (that's why M is not just a singer...she's an "ENTERTAINER" she sang BORDERLINE on my BIRTHDAY!!!)

Hope everyone was able to see the S&S tour a few months back.

And to those that will see it ENJOY!!!!



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