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Hello to all Madonna lovers

I open this blog for all those that we remain with the doubt that what is inside the X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS book, if something have ona of this extra limited edition of the queen of pop please post some pics, I have a W magazine That refers to this book but I really like to see the complet version of this great job of Madonna in colaboration with steven klein.

Re-Invention Tour 2

Deitch Projects is pleased to present one of the year's most anticipated exhibitions, X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS, a collaboration between Madonna and Steven Klein. The work explores a new space between still and moving images. Three video works and two photographic animations, each with a sound component are projected into the suspended hollow volumes of LOT/EK's exhibition design. Two of the sound compositions incorporate vocals by Madonna. [note - the vocals feature totally "acapella" versions of her song "X-Static Process" and "The Beast Within"].

Madonna presents herself as "a performer in a landscape where she creates and brings her ideas to life or death." Steven Klein's intention was to work with Madonna as a performance artist, creating a situation where she could respond directly to the camera without constraint. The project is not about photography of celebrity, but about the person and the passions beneath the surface. Klein sees Madonna as a messenger, asking people to wake up and confront the dehumanizing forces in the contemporary world.

On display in the exhibit is Steven Klein's book "X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS" which is a book filled with images of Madonna. Some of the photos in this book are totally exclusive to the book; but they are all similar to the photos taken from the April 2003 issue of W magazine. The pages of the book (as well as the front and back covers) are made of a cheap paper material that's a cross between tissue paper and paper towels. I'd have to say that the book is rather poor quality, especially since it costs a whopping $350.00. Only 1,000 copies of the book were printed. It's still too early to predict if this book will end up on eBay for $5.00, or if it will become one of the most valuable Madonna collectibles ever, possibly fetching $1,000 or more in a few years.


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