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evil personified



So I have to be honest right from the start. My name is not doug lacerda, or even I hate madonna, or whatever it is i said i was gonna call myself. The main reason I signed up to this stupid ass site was to rip the s**t out of Madge for being a deluded and arrogant c*nt. Two people are dead in france, now i am not saying it was madges fault, but then again, according to her own dumb ass religion maybe it was. (i once watched a documentary exposing just how weird and nasty the kaballa is, where one of the deluded idiots of her faith actually blamed the victims of the holocaust for their own destruction, because they didn't adhere to the teachings of the kaballa, the very same f*ckwit was also caught on camera stating that if a little two year old child was killed by a drunk driver, then this was the work of god, who had foreseen much evil deeds being perpetrated by the poor innocent. And it is also not the fact that the horrible b*tch thinks she can just go to africa and buy a baby whenever she feels like it, which is also a morally repugnant thing in my book, no it is none of these things that have motivated me to write such a vitriolic and altogether pointless blog, the real reason i am filled with such invective hate for this so called "icon" is the fact that if you want to gain access all areas to one of the dopey trouts fan site you have to subscribe to it.

Don't you have enough money already miss ciccone?


I work in the entertainment industry in ireland, i wont say what area i work in, lets just say "access all areas" is a part of my job description and i was unfortunate enough to have to work at this c*nts concert in slane castle in 2004, where the truly legendary and infinately more talented and not to mention immeasurably more interesting iggy pop was playing, and our heroine, oops you poor deluded fools' herione i mean, had her ego track (the long thin piece of stage that "icons" like to walk out among the plebs on detached from the stage so Mr Pop couldn't use it...pathetic little woman that she is. This plan failed though, as iggy climbed up onto it (after a brief struggle with maradonnas security goons) and the silly b*tch had him un plugged.

Trivial little trollop.


Another thing i noticed was, she wasn't even singing, i mean she runs about on stage like a woman 1/3 her age and she wasn't out of breath for a second...me smell a pre-recorded rat methinks.


So in short, Madonna is a C*nt! Don't waste your money buying her albums, you would be better off developing a serious herion addiction, sharing needles with the lowest of the low, finally dying of an AIDS related illness, and being found weeks later in an advanced state of decomposition, after being partially eaten by rats and feral cats. or better still, inject liquid LsD in your eyeballs, and try to head butt a moving train. You will thank me for it in the long run




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