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About this blog

i want to share thoughts and good vibes

Less jugding and more understanding 🙏

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Emotional support

I met a religious woman and we got to know each other She wanted to pay expensive surgery for me... But blocked me when i asked her for little money for clothes She wasn't spiritual and she thought my end of the world story is just a joke Meanwhile, Magdalene blocked me when i asked her if she needs help with anything material Some women they care about material, others it's spirituality I just need emotional support and a woman who doesn't act in a weird way when the su


kingAlex in Poetry


i love drinking potassium, it makes me feel alive i love drinking zinc, it enhances my mood i love drinking iodine, it gives me energy and warmth i love eating calcium, it gives me strength i love taking magnesium (with passionflower capsules, the liquid sucks), it removes my social anxiety Apart from iodine, these are the minerals in semen that you lose


kingAlex in Poetry

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